Jenelle Evans' Pregnancy Confession Is More Than a Little Concerning

jenelle evans instagram chocolate strawberryJenelle Evans may adore junk food, candy, and breadsticks galore, but the expectant mama recently admitted that she had to switch up her diet to steer clear of acid reflux. The Teen Mom 2 star cut fast food out, but has still been eating healthy (mostly veggies and meats, she says) to sustain her pregnancy. No doubt she looks amazing!

Still, with just a month left to go 'til she and baby daddy Nathan Griffith welcome baby boy Kaiser, Jenelle revealed how much baby weight she's actually ended up gaining along the way, and it's a bit of a jaw-dropper ...

She also admitted that she usually weighs 110 pounds. In other words, she's supposedly only gained 18 pounds with Kaiser ... If this is true, it's definitely a bit concerning. The Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women who are a "normal" weight when they conceive (as Jenelle was when she found out she was expecting) gain 25-35 pounds. What's more, a recent study found that too little weight gained in pregnancy (or too much) is linked to childhood obesity.

But Jenelle's already been down this road before, with this being her second pregnancy. So we can hopefully, safely assume she has been making the right decisions health- and diet-wise for Kaiser. We can also guess her doctor is well-aware of her weight gain (or lack thereof), and it's all good. That said, women who do gain more than her shouldn't be alarmed. This just goes to show every woman's body -- and in turn, pregnancy -- is different.

Do you think Jenelle's weight gain is worrisome?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Krystian

Actually as long as the baby is growing the way it should be then se is perfectly fine.

I didnt gain a single pound when i was pregnant with twins

nonmember avatar lindsey

I know a woman who lost 40 pounds while pregnant. Granted she was overweight and lost her car resulting in her walking everywhere but still... Jenelle being so negatively in the public eye is probably being closely monitored by her doctor.

nonmember avatar Amber

I'm starting not to see the point of these stories. if her baby is growing the way it's supposed to than what is the big deal?! I didn't gain a pound when I was pregnant with my son; I actually lost 24 lbs. He was born healthy && is still a healthy two year old. everyone thinks you have to "eat for two" when you're pregnant...uh no. my doctor told me all you really needed was an extra 300 calories everyday...that's like a glass of milk. so gaining just 18lbs in 8 months of pregnancy is possible && I'm sure okay! -___-

nonmember avatar Jenni

I was only 119.5 lbs the day i gave birth, you cannot judge unless you know the persons "healthy weight" along with other things.. i was 95lbs the day i found out i was pregnant.

Hollie Jackson Strickler

Whoever wrote this article is absolutely an idiot! If she is 8 months along, she could have anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks left. (Women are with child for 9 whole months.) During the last 8 to 6 weeks they gain a pound a week on average. So if you do the math, she will be above the average recommendation for weight gain. Do your research "journalist!"

nonmember avatar marrisa

This is really getting old hearing about how Janelle is a horrible person for everything she does. She's never been 1 that I've ever liked on teen mom but people can change. Who cares if she's only gained 18lbs since being pregnant? Who knows she wasn't extremely sick & lost a ton of weight earlier on? I have a friend who only gained 5lbs during her pregnancy, no morning sickness, ate whatever she felt like & delivered a healthy almost 8lb baby were I was sick till 7 months all day & gained 33lbs & was only 120lbs when I got pregnant. Does that make us bad moms too then? Everyone's different.

nonmember avatar Dee

I only gained 10 lbs. And my dd is perfectly healthy thank you.

Laura Van Melle

Just because she hasn't gained the average baby weight doesn't mean she's unhealthy. Some mothers barely gain any weight from pregnancy. Ever watched "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant?"

krist... kristensmommy

Seriously? I gained a ton of weight with ny daughter my 1st pregnancy, and only 13 pounds with my son in my 2nd pregnancy. And he was 8 pounds of that! He was healthy as can be and is not even close to obese. Hes tall for his age too. So sorry. Youve been misinformed.

lucke... luckeyslady

It doesn't matter how much weight she gained. I only gained 15lbs when I was pregnant with my second child. But like 40 with my first. But I had a healthy baby boy 6lbs 15 oz and he is now 11 with no weight problems. Every women is different.

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