Khloe Kardashian Tells Off Rob Kardashian's Fat Shamers

Khloe KardashianKardashian fans were shocked yesterday when pictures were seen of Rob Kardashian at least 100 pounds (by his own estimation) heavier than last year. He looks even heavier than he looked just a few months ago. Rob must have hated coming out of hiding to jet to Paris to meet up with his family for Kim's wedding -- because Rob has always been sensitive about his weight, and now he has a lot more to be sensitive about.

Obviously upset at some of the things being said, Rob (who hasn't been on Twitter for awhile) tweeted:

He then went on to deny that he'd been to fat camp, asking, "Then why am I still fat, you fools?" Good to know he still has his sense of humor.

Of course, Khloe, in her role as Tara the cat for the Kardashian family, came out of nowhere to attack her brother's attackers. She lashed out in several tweets, saying that "your words cut deeper than you know and are leaving possible lifetime scars!" She added:

Isn't that just like Koko to come to a sibling's defense?

It is pretty sick to pick on Rob -- he can't help the family he was born into, and he never seemed that thrilled about being on TV. The rest of them make their living being superficial, so they can't expect not to get the downside of that. But, yeah, everyone should cut Rob some slack. I think most people are just concerned for him.

Do you have any words for Rob? (Nice ones, y'all.)


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nonmember avatar wicked

Poor Rob. Can you imagine growing up ad the only make sibling in the Kardashian female Circus of a family? We should be congratulating Rob on not; shooting heroin, not going postal and losing his mind. Many people have negative issues regarding food, most people are not forced with these issues with cameras and press haunting them through their struggles. Khloe is being an excellent big Sister in defending him and I am certain this is more her as she has been blasted for her own body issues as well. Rob is a victim of circumstance in this Kardashian Reality Fame machine. He does not actively seek out publicity. He keeps to himself. He is polite. He isn't fair game and slamming someone about ones body is not cool. He isn't an actor or a model. Why should anyone be critical about what he weighs? He isn't trying to squeeze into a speedo for a photo shoot. Geesh..

nonmember avatar wicked

* growing up and being the only male sibling..

Sorry, for the typos..

nonmember avatar porchia

Shame on thes imbeciles who go out and criticise others about they weight. Do you not stop to think how hurtful you are being to that person and it's the last thing their want to hear. What about positivity and kind words for Rob instead of slating him. Rob be yourself if and when you are ready to loose any weight you will do it in your own time and when you are ready. Do it for you and not to please those loosers out there. I love all you kardashians especially kloe...just love her style and attitude...(don't give a damm)

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