Chelsea Houska Sets Her Sights on a Bigger & Better Reality TV Gig

Chelsea Houska

Wait a second ... doesn't Chelsea Houska have a new boyfriend? As early as three weeks ago, she was rumored to be dating some dude who is described as being "handsome and in the public eye" -- but now it looks as though this alleged romance may have already fizzled out.

Or at least that's what we can probably assume, considering Chelsea is interested in doing a reality TV dating show.

No, I'm not kidding. Check out the tweet she posted last night while watching The Bachelorette.

She really can't get much more clear than that, can she?

Um, who else thinks this isn't a half bad idea? Things are getting a little old over at ABC as far as recycling contestants from previous shows, so why not dip into the MTV reality pool to find the next star of The Bachelorette?

Chelsea is obviously super eligible; plus, she's cute, sweet, and has a great career and her own house and all that good stuff. And since she already has a loyal following, she'd be great for bringing in new viewers and drumming up ratings.

Or even if being the star of the show isn't her thing, maybe she should consider sending in an application to be a cast member on The Bachelor? OMG. She'd be picked out of the masses of hopefuls for sure. What dude wouldn't want to go out with her?

I mean, I'm not saying Chelsea really needs any help in the dating department, but if taking a crack at finding love on TV is something she's interested in, then I say, "Why the hell not?"

This could make for some majorly entertaining television, people. Fingers crossed.

Do you think Chelsea should do a dating show?


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nonmember avatar wicked

Although, watching Chelsea as the Bachelorette would be excellent reality TV, I honestly believe she needs to stay focused on her career and enjoy being her own woman. Chelsea has been sidetracked from accomplishing her goals ever since Aubrey was born! However, I think she is reality TV gold! She should have a series revolving around her new career. Even a docu-drama about her life, without the rest of the MTV Teen Mom alumni. She is certainly bubbly enough, interesting enough and has many challenges in her day to daylife, enough to make her a compelling,relatable and intriguing main character in her own drama.. Anyone listening? This is a great reality pitch idea! LOL! Every Woman I know loves their Salon experience and loves going to the salon and their Spa!! Fun!

nonmember avatar wicked

Oh, I think a Bachelorette or Bachelor Reality TV situation might be too stressful, encompassing and take too much time, energy and commitment away from her career and from Aubrey. Also, I think Chelsea is a bit young for a Bachelorette/ Bachelor themed show which focusing upon dating all these men and then there is an engagement at the end? Isn't that rather intense for someone who hadn't dated since Aubrey was born? Also, Chelsea had never had a real healthy relationship with a man ( other than her father).

I think, she needs a life coach and coaching in dating and picking men who are suitable for her Daughter and herself.. She's a good girl, I would hate to see her hurt again..

nonmember avatar wicked

Sorry for the double post.

nonmember avatar Kat

I would just about die if ABC made this happen. It would be the best season of all time! Already sick of TV Actress Andi and her pout mouth. 8(

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