Jenelle Evans Ripped to Pieces for Following Her Doctor's Orders

Jenelle Evans

OMG. She might as well go ahead and give up on anyone ever giving her the benefit of the doubt for the rest of her life. Jenelle Evans has been accused of doing drugs during her pregnancy. Yes ... AGAIN.

(Girl just can't catch a break. For reals.)

Apparently she's suffering from a sinus infection, so she took some medication to alleviate the symptoms. And then not surprisingly, all hell broke loose as far as people calling her out on Twitter.

And of course, Jenelle had a very eloquent response to her critics.

Snort. You gotta love how she doesn't hold back at all.

But seriously, do you honestly believe Jenelle would do anything to put baby Kaiser in harm's way, especially considering how hard she's worked to clean up her act during this pregnancy?

And sure, there are probably some who will argue that Jenelle shouldn't take any sort of medication, regardless of what it's for. But as long as her doctor advised her that it's safe, then what's the big deal?

Sigh. Jenelle's haters definitely aren't going to go away ... like ever. But for the love of Pete, you'd think they could at least cut her a tiny bit of slack during the last few weeks of her pregnancy before deeming her the worst mother on the planet over and over again.

Do you think Jenelle did something wrong by taking medication?

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nonmember avatar WTF

I don't know who is the bigger idiot here, the writer of this or Jenelle. I had a sinus infection just a couple of months ago and I'm not pregnant and my doctor didn't prescribe me pain meds. What kind of doctor would do that to anyone who is pregnant in the first place. Something is definitely rotten here.

nonmember avatar emsmythe

She is on antibiotics -where did the word painkiller come into her conversation beyond saying she wasn't taking them?

nonmember avatar Hmmm...

I don't understand why Feminists use the term "snort". Are you trying to show that you are pigs?

Danica Donner

I think you need to read her comments better!! It's obvious she is repeating crap that other people are running off at the mouth about! She isn't taking pain killers and anyone who has ever been pregnant before knows that mom being sick, especially at the end of a pregnancy, is much more dangerous for baby then antibiotics

Erin Lynn Dyke

I didn't see anywhere in the article where it even stated the specific meds she was taking, only that they were for a sinus infection... more than likely the meds were in fact an antibiotic, maybe something for congestion, or maybe even a mild painkiller for sinus pressure headaches... (WTF, just because you weren't given pain meds for your sinus infection, doesn't mean someone else might not be...) its more than likely in the best interest for the baby that she take the meds and try to get this out of her system before baby tries to make his arrival... and just an FYI, some pain killers are perfectly safe for pregnant moms to take, I was on Darvocets for the duration of both my pregnancies due to chronic pain, both instances the docs (different docs for each) said it was better for me to be on the pain meds than stress my body with the pain...  just saying...

rayra... rayraylaughlin

I deal with pills on a daily basis at my work place. As far as I know most doctors will recommend or prescribe something for you if you get sinus infections. As far as being pregnant when I was sick during the last few months of pregnancy the doctor gave me "drugs" . He said being really sick can put stress on you and baby. If your doctor didn't prescribed anything for you I think you need to find a new doctor

nonmember avatar lover

OK I was pregnant not to long ago and I have a really bad sinus infection it was so bad it felt like my face was going to blow up my doctor gave me antibiotics and pain killes for it and I know have a very normal healthy happy 9 month old baby girl and FYI I also sufered from a spin problem witch being pregnant and working as a full time waitress did not help so I was also taking a very mild painkiller for and like I said she's normal and if the doctor gives it to u he knows or prego like really its not like u can hide the fact that u are its pretty hard to do that when u have been going to the same doctor and u look like u have a watermelon just chill in out undershirt

nonmember avatar Heather

Yes GENIUSES, a Dr WILL prescribe antibiotics to someone with a sinus INFECTION (not a COLD, an INFECTION) pregnant or NOT! It is harder on the baby for the mother to be ill and possibly not eating and sleeping well than for her to be taking medications prescribed by her Dr. Don't like it??? Take it up with the all the Drs in the world who do it....they're the ones with the degrees, after all.

nonmember avatar christina

I Was prescribed by my obgyn which is a medical doctor a mild painkiller and a antibiotic while I was pregnant gasp!!! Because I had a abscessed wisdom tooth I was in so much pain running a fever and couldnt eat which is very harmful to a baby. I could have the tooth pulled because they didnt want to put me under anesthesia while I was so close to my due date. So we waited to do the surgery til after she was born. Everybody thinks they have a darn medical degree if her dr prescribed it its probably ok for her to take it otherwise they wouldn't have wrote it. By the way my daughter went a week past her due date and weighed a health 9 pounds. You can take medicine when pregnant.

feuer... feuerhardt636

The comment she made about being on "pain meds" and " muscle relaxers" was her response to ppl accusing her of being on them she was being sarcastic she never said the doc prescribed them to her

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