'Bachelorette' Honors Eric Hill in the Most Appropriate Way​

Eric Hill

Before the premiere of Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, we all had one burning question on our minds: How was ABC going to handle the tragic passing of Eric Hill, who died in a paragliding accident before the show was done filming?

The news of his death came as such a horrible shock to fans, Andi, and the other cast members and crew of The Bachleorette as well. We can only begin to imagine just how devastated Eric's family is.

And out of consideration for them, nobody would have been shocked if ABC chose to edit out Eric's footage, simply because it has to be very painful for them to see him on TV so soon after his passing.

But after watching the premiere, it's clear that ABC handled the situation perfectly. They honestly couldn't have chosen a better way to honor Eric's life -- by dedicating the season to him and by opting to show the time he spent with Andi.

And I think I speak for the masses when I say I had to fight back the tears when Eric got out of the limo, approached Andi, and handed her those dolls, which were given to him by a little girl who told him to give them to his "girlfriend." (Ugh. Could this situation be any more heartbreaking?)

Based on what we already knew about Eric, it's obvious that he was a wonderful, genuine guy -- but after seeing him interact with Andi last night? Wow. We had no idea what a gem of a human being the world has lost. He was warm, kind, and clearly went onto the show with the right intentions, which makes the tragedy of it all even more difficult to accept.

But again, by choosing to show Eric's footage as opposed to editing it out, ABC is making sure that no one forgets him or the lasting impression he left behind. He should remind us all to live our lives to the fullest and never take one single second for granted -- and to always embrace the opportunity to love and to spread positivity and happiness.

Do you think ABC did the right thing in keeping Eric's footage?


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Jacee... Jacee2348

Absolutely they did the right thing, as long as they had his family's blessing. He seemed like an awesome, fun, genuine guy.

Betty Farrington

It was the right thing to do, he was part of the show and leave it at that. When he was introduced hiself to Andi, I thought he could be the one, not rememebering his name as the paraglider. Handsome !!

nonmember avatar Melanie

I think they did it right... Such a sad situation. He was my favorite the first night!

Kim Kurry

Yes - he seemed genuine, true, a real man.. honoring someone of that stature, as opposed to the players and losers who usually get air time, this was a fitting tribute that touched the hearts and emotions of those who did not even know him...

nonmember avatar mary and john r

So sorry to hear this just loved him right away God Bless him and his family.Knew he was a genuine person.

Janet Lichtenberg

Yes, I think that ABC was correct when they aired the footage of Eric in the Bachelorette.  It's so sad to see how this young man was looking for thrills.  Life is too precious to live it dangerously.


Diane Tighe

HOw sad.....such a sweet guy. I could see them together right from the start. I think Chris Harrison did a wonderful job in the beginning by dedicating the show in his honor.. God bless his family. I am glad they kept his footage in, that way we could all see how wonderful of a man he was.

Ada Rossi

suc a nice guy right away. so sad to look at last night but it was fine with me that they showed him and dedicated the season to him.


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