Juan Pablo's 'Bachelorette' Appearance Makes His Ulterior Motives Clear

juan pablo instagramWhen Bachelor Nation tunes into Andi Dorfman's Bachelorette premiere tonight, they'll not only be rooting for the assistant district attorney from Georgia to find love. They'll also be supporting a franchise that, in its last incarnation, had to contend with an ungrateful bachelor intent on biting the hand that fed him. Ironically, that bachelor is reportedly making a guest appearance on tonight's show!

Yep, Juan Pablo is coming baaaack! Yep, the very same guy who shot the After the Final Rose special and quietly stalked off-set, hand-in-hand with Nikki Ferrell, to "angrily Instagram" a selfie from the street, and has since given the franchise a big middle finger. For some crazy reason, he's decided to put all that perpetual animosity on hold in order to step back in front of ABC's cameras to give "ex-girlfriend" Andi a piece of his mind. Oh, dear, say it isn't so

My guess is that JPG was contractually obligated to appear on The Bachelorette premiere from the outset of his involvement with the show. Otherwise, I can't really see why he'd do it. He's made it perfectly clear that he has nothing but loathing for the franchise and everything they stand for -- even going so far as to tell a follower on Twitter that he won't be watching Andi's season; he'd rather hear how it went from her than ABC.

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Sure, there's a chance that he's actually trying to make amends (and, in turn, finally score that coveted DWTS spot?). But his contempt for all things Bachelor really left a bad taste in fans' mouths. Doubt that's going away any time soon, but whether we like it or not, we'll have to stand by and at least watch as JuanPabs attempts to redeem himself to Andi and Bachelor Nation tonight. All I can say is best of luck, buddy. You're gonna need it!

Why do you think Juan Pablo is appearing on Andi's premiere?


Image via Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram

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Linda Wick Surges

Like Jake trying to stay in the public eye...dreams of a movie star.

Sue Baker

I'm surprised ABC would even allow him on the show, I will be skipping that part, He doesn't deserve to be on.!

Roberta Howard

I would not believe anything he said.. So I will not be watching...


Kyrstin Layng

I'm guessing this is going to be a tough answer to get but does anyone know if Juan Pablo have a fan page that i can write on?

Karen Parent

you ruin ndys show juan. go catch a ball jua leave er alone.

Melanie Glass

I personlly think that Juan needs to GO AWAY

nonmember avatar wicked

Juan Pablo is a douche with a pseudo/slick Ricky Ricardo-esque accent, a suave/ phony/ passionate-sincere-pretend caring act going on. I don't like this dude. He has anger issues & honesty issues. I doubt we will see him on ABC again.. God riddens..

nonmember avatar wicked

* good riddens..

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