Rob Kardashian's Weight Gain Makes Him Totally Unrecognizable

Rob KardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding is coming up this weekend, and the entire Kardashian family has flown off to Paris in anticipation of the nuptials. And by "entire," I mean even Rob! Rumor had it he may not attend because his weight gain and depression would have made it too difficult for him. It must be tough knowing every paparazzo in the world is going to be there to take photos of you when you're feeling at your worst. But Rob was spotted at the airport with his mom, Kris.

Yes, it's true. Rob doesn't look like he's lost any weight. If anything, he looks somewhat heavier. But given that he is also reportedly battling depression issues -- at one point he wrote, "No one will ever understand how much it hurts" on his Twitter account -- then it's more important that he attend to that than worry about his weight now.

His family will all be in Paris and then, reportedly, Italy for the nuptials. If Rob had stayed home and nursed his emotional wounds, he might have ended up feeling guilty and, ultimately, even worse.

I think Rob is being really brave to show his sister support when he probably wants nothing more than to hide out in the house and avoid all cameras and people. The wedding is going to thrust him directly into the spotlight, and there's no doubt he is going to despise that. But he must feel it's important to be there. I just hope no one forced him.

Do you think Rob should have gone to the wedding?


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News



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nonmember avatar pLEASE

Who cares for God sakes. This family is vile and I have no idea why you continue to promote them. I've never seen you write about any other porn stars or their families.

Ellee Rowe

No he shouldn't have gone, he is way to fat to go anywhere. Are you people for real?

Sarah Vizcaino

Well for ur information US FANS do care! Stop hating on this family, I mean this family has a lot of people in it and everyone keeps trash talking each and everyone but look no one is perfect. I feel bad for rob but it's true he should be there for his sisters big day hopefully he can get inspired that his family r there for him and they will help him when he ask for their help. And quit with the kris is a mom pimping her children out -_- so stupid grow up ppl. This family is very successful just because one has a sex tape doesn't mean they are awful people.

nonmember avatar alma

Who cares if he's fat ..get a life people!!!!

Nancy Callarman

Hed should be at the wedding.It's his sister.Rob who cares about your weight gain.This is about family and love.Your a good person and alot of us struggle with weight gain.Hold your head high and be proud of what you are trying to accomplish.You will be fine and all i have to say is screw the media.


nonmember avatar shorna

I'm a 16 year-old girl from Honduras, who have been struggling with my wait for few years,(which made me insecure)but then I got sick and lost all the weight, and thats when people began to talk even more,(which made me think, Im perfect just the way I am and theres not a soul on this heart can make me feel otherwise)cause no matter what you do in life people will always talk. So for all of you people who has an issue with Rob's weight, you can go to hell, because the only reason people put you down is because, they have a problem with themselves.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I get that he has depression but he can't use that as an excuse to gain weight because it becomes an endless unhealthy cycle. Exercise can help with depression not just because you start looking and feeling better but the natural endorphins genuinely help ease the mental anguish. Exercise should be encouraged not pushed to the weigh side. I say this as someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety not to judge.

Joy Moore Miller

oh please! Money can buy weight loss, very quickly. Hey people are talkin about him, which usually they dont, the weight is makin people talk, why lose it! He has always been the whiner.


marti... martiniqueenie

His family supports's you...the media that needs to back off.

Daisy Ramirez


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