Amber Portwood Can't Keep Her Boyfriend a Secret Forever

Amber Portwood daughter

Well? It looks like she might finally be ready to really move on with her life once and for all. Even though she hasn't given away too many details, all signs point to Teen Mom star Amber Portwood having a new boyfriend -- or at least a dude who is making her happy these days.

I know ... my very first thought upon hearing this news was something along the lines of, "Thank GOD she's not getting involved with Gary Shirley again!"

Ok, so here's the scoop. A few days ago, Amber tweeted something about how she's so naive with men, but then she followed up with this somewhat cryptic message.

Hmm. Sure sounds like she has someone special in her life, doesn't it? Or if she and the dude in question aren't serious yet, at least she's met someone who is treating her right in some way, shape, or form.

And I gotta say, if that's the case? I'm happy for her. Sure, she's had kind of a tumultuous past, to say the least, but it's pretty clear that she grew up quite a bit while serving her jail sentence. Doesn't she deserve a second chance at happiness just as much as anyone else?

Now if only she'd give us a little more information so we could speculate over who this guy is ...

Are you happy for Amber?


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nonmember avatar wicked

Wow. Man, I just think that Amber doesn't have enough sobriety, enough out of jail time or enough time with her beautiful daughter to get involved in a serious relationship with another guy. Amber needs as great deal.of therapy and coping skills as it is. I just don't believe she has gotten to a place of having healthy instincts, especially with men. Man, I hope it is a good guy that is sober and has his life together..

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