Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Are Kind of Hard to Deny

Kate Middleton

We probably shouldn't get our hopes up just yet or anything, but rumors are swirling that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child, all because she's been absent from royal functions with Prince William.

Remember when she didn't attend that charity dinner last week and Ralph Lauren got all bent out of shape? Yeah, well, it did seem a little bit odd for her to sit that one out. Now there is speculation that she's possibly suffering from morning sickness again, which definitely makes attending parties a bit of a drag.

And while she very well could be taking a little break after the Royal Tour to spend more time with Prince George, it is kind of strange for her to pass up on such a fun opportunity.

It's not like Georgie doesn't have other trusted people to care for him, so why wouldn't Kate want to enjoy a date night out with her man? I'm sure his nanny or her mum Carole would've been happy to babysit that evening. Hmm.

And how about the rumors that were going around before Kate and Wills headed Down Under, saying they were hoping to conceive baby number two on the Royal Tour? Based on the amount of time that's passed since their trip and now, Kate suffering the effects of the early stages of pregnancy really isn't all that impossible to believe.

With George's first birthday approaching in July, I guess it is a little bit early for Kate and Wills to expand their family. Then again, maybe having children close in age has been part of their plan all along.

I know we shouldn't jump to conclusions, but if Kate continues to sit out from her royal duties and isn't caught with a glass of wine in her hand sometime in the near future? Let's just say we can probably go ahead and get excited about royal baby watch 2015.

Do you think Kate is pregnant?


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waity... waitykate

It's not at all unusual that Middleton does nothing much.  She's not exactly the sort to depend on, no wonder she let that event down and all who went there hoping to see her. She's lazy and avoids doing anything she doesn't want to do.  All year she's done no charity whatsoever in the UK except going to one art opening. Middleton is nauseating.  All she wanted was the wedding ring and the all the perks - and "let them cake". Bleaaahhhh.

liz2209 liz2209

Let them cake? Lol

nonmember avatar Jamie Delaney

She wasn't ever supposed to go to the dinner thing with Ralph Lauren in the first place. Let her be.

waity... waitykate



"Let them eat cake" is Middleton's motto.  She sits on her butt, re-decorates for the 100th time and vacations a lot instead of doing much public service. Waity Middleton's a selfish,dull twit.

Joyce Anglin Miller

I think she's just tired after the long Royal Tour and wants to catch her breath.

Donna Truax

No, I do not think so, it,s just a bunch of rumours because she was drinking on tour and I am sure would not have been if she even suspected she was.

Debbie Learn

It really is none of our business if Duchess Kate did not attend the event with Ralph Lauren. I think he was hoping she would show up, not that it was expected of her. Pretty sure Duchess Kate does not take her cue's from you ! No matter what anyone thinks of Duchess Kate, she is now a royal and the whole world watches her and she can't care about every little thing. I'm sure she would have been at that event if it was for her, because she is far too classy to just stand something up.

nonmember avatar Queen

So Debbie Learn who care if she's a royal or not. It was disrespectful for her not to show up cause Ralph Lauren paid 1.2 million pounds. She' not pregnant but lazy.

nonmember avatar Holly

You all are mean as hell. She has such a different life than any of us, and it isn't always a lot of fun. The lack of privacy alone would drive me insane. And I highly doubt she is pregnant again already. Modern young women with means do not have babies so close together unless they intend to do so. An accident is always possible for anyone, birth control fails sometimes, but I would be very surprised if she had a whoopsy baby. When this baby is out of diapers then I'd say Baby Watch #2 will be on, but until then this is just a bunch of rumours.

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