'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Karley's Family Needs to Get Along for the Twins

16 and pregnant karley

Tonight's 16 and Pregnant episode featured Karley, a 17-year-old straight-A high school student from Utah. But when she and her boyfriend of two years get pregnant, her entire life changes. And exactly when the disagreements with the family begin.

Karley and Tony met when she was tutoring him in class. She was the high achiever; Tony later dropped out. And when she got pregnant, Karley chose to be home-schooled so she could still graduate from high school. The two also got married before the birth of their twins (that's right, two babies) so they "could be a family," said Karley.

So to prepare for the birth of their daughters, the couple lived with Karley's mom, Syndee, and her family. But quickly, Tony began to feel uncomfortable living in the home and tried to find housing for the little fam. But when they went to the realtor and found out how much they'd have to pay for a two-bedroom home, they quickly realized that living alone would not work on their budget.

And while Tony and Karley tried to prepare for their birth, they were surprised when the twins arrived a couple weeks early. Soon enough, Amayah and Amariah were born, and it all was a bit reminiscent of Leah Calvert's episode.

But that's when the conflicts became even worse. Tony, who had a job as a mechanic, was supporting the family. But one day, he came home and decided that he wanted to purchase a pickup truck. A truck that seats three. For their family of four. Oy.

The arguments and disagreements quickly began and escalated when Tony eventually came home with the truck. Even later, Syndee got in on the feud when she claimed that Tony was not grateful for living in her home. In the end, Karley sided with her mom but easily came out as the most mature person in the home. Along with caring for her twins, Karley is clearly in the middle of a not-so-nice relationship between her husband and her mother.

Ultimately, Tony decides he wants to sell his truck so they can have some more money to move out of Syndee's home. All is starting to look up for Karley, especially if the people in her life can work together.

Do you agree with Karley defending her mother in the argument with Tony?


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Mark Cox

Girl better wake up and see the boy is dumb as dirt..it would have been better if she saw it before she got pregnant

luvmy... luvmybubs

Lol at  Mark! Yeah the mom needs to control herself better but she has to live with that dumb boy on a day to day basis, I bet this has been boiling up for awhile. I bet anything Karley will end up divorced, mentally and intellecutally those two are two whole different levels.


Another Leah poor girl .A man changes after you give birth to a baby I meant babies in this case. He is not ready to be a father the red flag would have been the truck with the 3 seats.

Rhodin Rhodin

Did he look into apartments? They won't need to worry about school district boundaries for years, so they can rent in the cheaper parts of town.

nonmember avatar lilah

Love the earrings, you dummy. And speaking of dummies Karly should cut her losses NOW. That boy isn't getting any smarter or less selfish anytime soon. Plus if she divorces him he will be forced to support the twins as opposed to contributing when he feels like it.

craft... craftycatVT

Does anyone else find it ironic that Tony skips one of the prenatal check-ups so he can go get a tattoo that says "family first"? I'm not sure he knows what that means.

RobJar RobJar

Crafty I thought the SAME thing. And how much did that tattoo cost. And is it even legal to tattoo a 17 yet old, which he clearly tells them he's only 17 when explaining why he's getting the tattoo!

nonmember avatar Mak

Does anybody know the song that played when Karleys mom was screaming after Tony left?

Jacobet Jacobet

Karley's mom's temper tantrum was just ridiculous. What grown woman acts like that, come on! I was embarrassed for her.

happi... happinessforyou

Teen preganacy often ends with "HOT MESS"... GL to you, you're gonna need it....

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