Robert Pattinson Reminds Kristen Stewart What She's Missing in Cannes (PHOTOS)

Robert PattinsonPlease excuse me while I attempt to stop myself from drooling. New photos of Robert Pattinson in Cannes have me a little bit hot and bothered this morning.

OMG, you guys. I know he was back on the grungy train for a while, but Rob has officially kicked the "I don't give a shit" look to the curb once again. He's honestly never looked better.

And if this photo of him in a tuxedo for the premiere of The Rover isn't enough to make Kristen Stewart want to curl up in a ball on the floor and cry, then this shot of him looking all sorts of sexy and then some in a green blazer should do the trick.

Get ready to feast your eyes on what is quite possibly the most smoldering photo of Rob we've ever seen.

Robert Pattinson

Um ... are you kidding me? Could he possibly be any hotter? Take another look -- it's virtually impossible not to stare at him. (Seriously, I can't look away.)

Obviously having Kristen out of his life has done wonders for his overall appearance. He looks confident, happy, and so relaxed -- not all uptight and walking on egg shells, as he often appeared to be around her.

And while there's still plenty of time for Rob and Kristen to reunite in Cannes, he's probably better off just doing his own thing instead of venturing down that road one more time.

The last thing he needs is KStew walking back into his life and turning him into a scruffy, hot mess all over again.

Do you think Rob looks better than ever?


Images via Andreas Rentz/Getty

robert pattinson


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nonmember avatar Jess

He looks good. But don't get it twisted. Kristen Stewart didn't make him a hot mess. He dressed like a bum before he even met her. Look at pics of him during his Harry Potter days. He had to borrow his own friend's shirt to wear to a premiere and he rarely washed his hair. That was all before Twilight.

This new look he has came about because of age. He is almost 30. It would be ridiculous if he dressed the same way he did when he was 24, Kristen's age. I think people seem to forget that there is a 4 year age gap between them and they keep comparing her at her age to him at his current age instead of comparing her to him when he was age.

nonmember avatar tiffiny bryson

That is by far the prettiest man on the earth!!!!

Shirley Sorrow

Rob doesn't dress like this in his every day life.  He has said many times that he is not comfortable in a suit/tux.  Grunge is his thing as much as it is Kristen's.  Actually, I don't think it's grunge at all.  It's just comfortable....period.

Wileen Byroads


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