Pamela Anderson Reveals Painful Past of Sexual Abuse From Age 6

When I was a tween, Pamela Anderson was it. She was the unattainable girl every boy in junior high grew up thinking girls should look like. She was sexy and carefree and the epitome of California cool as she bounced around the beach on Baywatch. Why wouldn't we assume she had the world at her fingertips? And she did.

But she also had lots of skeletons in her closet, and we're only now learning how tortured this poor woman was by what sounds like a nightmarish childhood and adolescence. Pam has revealed that she was continually sexually abused from the time she was 6. The details of what she had to endure might make you think very differently about this beautiful star. 

The 46-year-old has decided now is a good time to let the world know what really went on while she was growing up in Canada. Her hell began between the ages of 6 and 7, when Pam says she was sexually molested by her female babysitter. At age 12, she allowed the 25-year-old brother of a friend's boyfriend to teach her how to play backgammon. He started massaging her back, which she said led to the man raping her.

And how heartbreaking is this: when Pam was in ninth grade and had her first boyfriend, he too betrayed her trust in a major, sickening way. She says that he and six of his friends gang raped her.

I can't even imagine how this woman went on to trust a single soul, let alone a man. She admits she "wanted off this earth," which just breaks your heart to hear. Pam's dad was an alcoholic and her mother worked two waitressing jobs to make ends meet. The actress says she never told them about the abuse she endured because she didn't want to make life more difficult for them.

I've always liked Pam, despite hating the plastic surgery frenzy I feel she helped spark in the '90s. She always seemed sweet and genuine and possibly a little lost. I'm impressed that she is coming out with this news now in order to help other women who were abused and feel ashamed about their experiences.

She has raised two sons and has remained pretty normal, despite what she had to deal with as a young girl. She hopes other women realize sexual abuse is not their fault and that even the most gorgeous and sought-after stars who seem like they have perfect lives can be suffering inside.

Are you surprised to learn that Pamela was raped and molested as a child and teen?


Image via Pamela Anderson/Instagram



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nonmember avatar blue

No, but it's still incredibility sad. Unfortunately, you hear these stories from the majority of women who are in playboy and porn. I don't think that's a coincidence...

adamat34 adamat34

I call BS why didn't this all come out when she was going through all that crap with her ex husband??? Seems like a pathetic attempt to grab a little more fame.

Punch... Punchyobuns

I'm a little confused as to why she decided to tell the entire universe at a seemingly random event, but whatever.

Ajack324 Ajack324

@Adamat, that's a bit crass and cruel. Sexual abuse, esp at such a young age and with what seems like no help/counseling soon after takes years to deal with (even with counseling and support system) I don't think she's the kind of person to make something this horrific up just to grab more attention. It would be devastating to her career if it was found out she was lying. The aftermath of that would be enormous and swift. So if she's just looking for attention, I'm sure she knows there are much better ways to do so than by saying something that would get you ostracized and hated by just about every person in the world.

Jodi Lauttamus

i'm kinda like blue and ajack 324, and believe there is a very high coincidence of women in porn and playboy who have a hidden history of sexual abuse, and are acting out, unconsciously...i have always sensed a vulnerability in pamela, kinda like a marilyn monroe, and am relieved she didn't repeat the patterns by becoming a sex addict herself (albeit dabbling) or alcoholic like her father...w/ the pain she has been hiding, it is now understandable how she is now coming to terms with all of it, cutting off her hair, becoming less like a "cartoon figure" (her words) and settling down...i applaud her honesty and attempts to gain control of her life...i wish her peace and happiness...

curly... curlycues

Honestly many hyper sexualized people in porn or playboy have been sexually abused. The same goes with the people around us. When people think they aren't worth anything more than their sexual worth that really is a flashing red light on something in their background.

Lynette Lynette

I'm not suprised.  That is terrible that it happened to her.

nonmember avatar mcghee

Not at all surprising considering stats for girls being 1 out of 4 girls. Boys 1 in 6' How many .suffer in silence unable to tell..heartbreaking. Good for her.for setting the captive free.

nonmember avatar mel

It really explains why she was always attracted to such messes. Her taste in men has never been the best to say the least.

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