Kendall Jenner Forgets How to Read During the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

kendall jennerOh my gosh, Kendall Jenner just totally mortified herself during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards! I am sweating and hiding under my duvet in embarrassment FOR her! Kendall, looking intensely glamorous and serving pure Kimmy K realness, trotted out stylishly onto the stage to introduce English pop sensations, 5 Seconds of Summer. No big deal right? After all, looking attractive and speaking into cameras is kind of what she does for a living.

But maybe not for much longer. It looks like Kendall might need to invest in reading glasses, at the very least. Even with the guidance of the handy-dandy teleprompter, Kendall flubbed up her intro right from the very beginning. It was painfully awkward! I actually began screaming, "OH NO" in a sincere and earnest way. 

But to give her credit where it is TOTALLY due, Kendall handled the gaffe as well as possible. I mean, it didn't make it less awkward, but she made it pretty clear that she had no intention of melting into the floor or running away crying. What did she do instead? Kendall just started laughing. Her confidence in that moment made me pretty much want to give her a high-five.

Unfortunately, she also decided to explain the problem to those of us watching at home. "You guys," she said, "I'm a terrible reader." Thus giving every person who has ever given the Kardashians crap for being not smart enough fodder to live on for years. Oh Kendall. Maybe it would have been better to just smile and laugh, rather than trying to explain after all.

What did you think of Kendall's goof?


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nonmember avatar sam

Get an education. I guess glamor is all that matters to that family.

kh4irish kh4irish

High school dropouts....she and her sister (16).

ninag... ninag1980

Im sure the girl can read... give her a break. We all say things to try and cover up an embarrassing moment. The two Jenner girls are used to being in the shadows of their sisters. So while they have been in the spotlight their whole lives, they have never had to be front and center. This was a first for Kendall. I actually felt sorry for her.

For the record, Kendall graduated from home school

Carleeee Carleeee

They're Australian

addie... addiesmommy1109

I'm terrible at reading out loud. It happens.

nonmember avatar C

Ok first of all they didn't drop out they are home schooled, secondly if you think you can do better give it a try. Standing in front of thousands of people plus the millions watching is nerve racking for anyone! Give the girl a break

nonmember avatar Ali

They aren't English, they are Australian. And I don't even like the Kardashians or the Jenners but at least she tried to play it off and laugh about it.

berit berit

I got a 34 (that's pretty damn good) on the English portion of my ACT but also flub lines when reading out loud from time to time. It has nothing to do with a lack of reading ability or intelligence.

nonmember avatar Maria Ramos

She was nervous and wasn't it her first time introducing a band at a major awards show ???? Ahhhh , give the girl a break!!!! It can happen to anyone .... I love you Kendall!!!!! Lol

kayle... kayleesmom42328

Idiot! She's trying so hard to follow in her sisters footsteps. She looks trashy!

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