Zooey Deschanel Takes Most Truthful Makeup Free Selfie We've Seen (PHOTO)

zooey deschanelDoe-eyed Zooey Deschanel always looks alert and gorgeous. Maybe it's those huge beautiful eyes she has, so when I heard that she took a makeup free selfie and posted it on Instagram, I expected to see more of the same -- some morning version of perfect, maybe a filter to hide the fact she isn't wearing any makeup. But that didn't happen.

Zooey took the most truthful makeup free selfie I've ever seen. It's honest and without any fancy filter. It's one of those photos where when you see it, you think wow! She really is just like the rest of us.


Zooey! I love the tired eyes, the messy hair, the perfect imperfectness. This is the most real and true makeup free selfie I've seen. Sure, she looks a little tired ... but don't we all in the morning? She's just as much of a beauty here as she is with a full face of makeup.

Thank you for making it okay, Zooey. Makeup free and so pretty.

What do you think of Zooey's honest selfie?


Image via Zooey Deschanel/Instagram



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irish... irishstarz

She's beautiful. I'll never understand why females are so dependent on makeup; hiding your true face is just sad. I haven't worn it in years, and even when I did, I only used eyeliner and eyeshadow. I still don't know why I even used those things! I'm all natural, in all ways.

copas... copasetic1

Wow! If this is a selfie, she must have really long legs, and be holding the camera with her foot. Her incredibly prehensile foot.

Jukeb... Jukebox_Jenny

^^^ I imagine she's taking a picture of her reflection in a mirror.

I think she's beautiful always!

zeezoo zeezoo

Copasetic... really?

Smartass fail

Julianna Nicoletti

I think she is beautiful! With or without makeup!


steph... steph0420

Wow, she's unrecognizable.

Gorgeous, tho

Dawn Karem Saltsgaver

She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, esp in curtain pic...she is just a naturally pretty girl, love her!

Angela Murphy

She still looks amazing. I love her.

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