Justin Bieber Gives Up a Drug That Was Ruining Him

Justin Bieber is one step closer to becoming a productive member of our society. The pop star had become obsessed with a drug in recent months -- one that was simple to obtain and totally legal: cough syrup, or "sizzurp," as it's known. According to TMZ, Justin had been abusing the codeine-filled liquid for several months and, while we hate to pin his most recent bad behavior on a drug habit, you have to admit he was acting suspiciously bad. Like, steal-a-woman's-cell-phone bad. But those days may be behind him because rumor has it Justin has kicked his sizzurp habit and is on the road to good health.

Justin has reportedly been clean -- at least off of cough syrup, we can't say the same for marijuana or alcohol -- for about a month. He has become more interested in taking care of his body and working out, and considering how sizzurp (lordy, how I hate that word) makes you lightheaded, dizzy, and short of breath, it's easy to see how it wouldn't help your game at the gym.

We aren't surprised by Justin's habit. At this point, it's difficult to be shocked by anything he does. When cops raided his house a few months ago, they found a banquet of drugs that included 4 or 5 empty bottles of cough syrup. We even got to hear about his preferred cocktail -- a combo of sizzurp and pineapple Fanta.

Kicking codeine is no joke and if it's true that he is taking steps to curb his vice, good for him. He needs to do something. And quickly. Apparently, Biebs is also spending more time with his mom and manager Scooter Braun, whom Justin avoided for a while because no addict wants to deal with someone who is fed up with their crap and offering tough love.

I know he can be a royal jerk, but I can't shake the fact that Justin is also super young. It would be a shame if he continued to throw away his talent, fortune, and good luck. Let's hope he sticks with people who care for him and are not using him and that he gains some sanity in his life. Kicking cough syrup is a start.

Do you think Justin will change his ways now that he has quit abusing cough syrup?


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nonmember avatar shandeigh

no one cares. Little terp just needs to go away.

nonmember avatar Rich

I think this kid has become a total DB and it's a pity. Lack of parental guidance is to blame....the fruit never falls too far from the tree. When this kid finally blows out his brains, I am sure the parents will cry and blame everyone else. Sad :-(

Wileen Byroads


Herbie Palmer

Hopefully he reins himself in, because he obviously has a predaliction to addiction. 

nonmember avatar Emma

Why is this news perfect waste of news space as far as I am concerned justin is a douce bag. He needs to go back to canada with all the other babies.

steph... steph0420

Who cares. He's still a no talent punk who needs to get his ass whooped.

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