Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Disagree On What Should Happen On Babymoon

jenelle evansJenelle Evans and boyfriend Nathan Griffith are so close to meeting baby Kaiser. Jenelle is eight months along. What better time to take a little babymoon and connect with your partner and that's exactly what Jenelle and Nathan are doing ... except Nathan has a different idea on what should happen on a babymoon than Jenelle.

Jenelle seems to want to only wear tiny bikinis -- this neon green one with sequins is amazing ... she looks amazing. But Nathan isn't noticing.

He's busy sleeping. And when you think about it, he's not going to be getting a whole lot of sleep once baby arrives, so why not catch those zzzs when you can. Still, Jenelle wants him awake. "He needs to wake up. I'm ready…" she wrote when posting this pic.

Ready, ready? Not that kind of ready. Kaiser isn't quite ready yet. Maybe not that other kind of ready either ... though wow ... beautiful! Jenelle has said that she was working on tanning her back and her calves. She's ready to tan, to start the day, to get moving. Hope she's staying hydrated and not soaking in the sun for too long.

Do you think Jenelle is tanning too much? Did you have a babymoon? What did you do while on it?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Gina

Isn't this site for grown mothers who actually take care of their children? Why continue to waste your time and energy on these meaningless blogs? I don't think anyone is here for the scoop on some teeny-boppers..

Momin... MominAL485

I could care less about her "babymoon". My concern is will she step up and be a parent, a mom, to this new baby, Kaiser? Cause lord knows she didn't and still hasn't with Jace. Seems to me Janelle should've concentrated on getting her life together and being working to be a mom to Jace first and foremost, and left all the boy crazy antics and drugs behind. Instead, she left Jace totally with her mother, who in Jace's eyes after all this time is now his MOM, not Janelle. I can only hope and pray that she takes resposibility to this new baby seriously. And can't help but wonder how Jace sees all of this thru his young eyes. Because Janelle is going to have alot of explaining to do to Jace one day about why partying and boys and drugs were more important to her than he was. And she won't be able to deny it, not in today's world. Cause one day Jace will see and hear about all her antics thru the internet and lord knows thru what else and from who else. I have to wonder if she's really changed or will grandma be "MOM" to baby Kaiser, as well?

luvmy... luvmybubs

This same story was on the stir the other day only instead of calling it a babymoon, it was called what it really was Janelle wanting to go to the beach like she has been for most of her pregnancy since it warmed up. Why make stuff up for a story that is not true? I know you are not real journalists but if you are going to tell a story it should be true. This is how people get sued. I'm sure Janelle going to the beach or on a "babymoon" wouldn't warrant a suit but one day you guys will report the wrong story incorrectly and pay dearly for it.

Prett... PrettyNInk87x

I'm sorry but shouldn't they be working instead of sitting on the beach day in and day out? Instead of a babymoon or whatever, how about a job first?

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