Kim Kardashian Refuses to Sit Next to Mean Joan Rivers at NBC Upfronts Event

Joan Rivers is a little like Mean Girls' Regina George. At first, everyone thinks she's hilarious and super-cool for telling it like it is, at the expense of being considered a, well, a mean girl. But her nasty comments are taking their toll on the celebs she knocks. Kim Kardashian is the latest to put her foot down and refuse to have anything to do with the Fashion Police host. It's gotten so bad, she won't even sit next to her at an event.


Kim and Khloe arrived to discover they'd been seated next to the comedian, which seems like part of a cruel joke. By now, who hasn't heard about all of the nasty comments Joan has made at the Kardashians' expense? It's one thing to poke fun at Kim for having a big butt or a sex tape -- it's quite another to comment that baby North is "ugly."

Who does that?!

Kim could have opened her mouth and told Joan off. She would have been within her right as a mom to do so. But we have to give her credit where it's due because she instead took the high road and simply asked that Joan be moved away from her.

A source claims the sisters are not into the Joan drama and just want to avoid her. We even hear that Kim was "polite" to Joan when the two were together on Jimmy Fallon's show and even took a photo with her when asked.

Rumor also has it  -- and who is surprised by this -- that it was difficult to find another place for Joan to sit because other celebs refused to be around her. I wonder if she'll consider this a wake-up call and understand that she can be funny without being cruel?

As for Kim's reaction to Joan's presence, she couldn't have handled it with more class. She deserves an apology from Joan -- a sincere one.

Do you think Kim was wrong for asking Joan to be moved away from her?


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nonmember avatar jess

For goodness sakes, Ms. Rivers is a comedian! Have people gotten so thin skinned that they get so easily offended? Not everyone thinks that her kid is cute, and at 80yrs old Ms Rivers has the right to say what she wants to, after all, it a a JOKE. Look at the buffoon kim is marrying, some of the things he has said are disgusting. This kind of reaction coming from a "woman" who let a guy pee on her, then sell the video for all to see, really??

nonmember avatar jim/dee

This messaage is for Jess:..I wonder how you would feel if Joan Rivers said your baby is ugly ? ?..Besides, North West is really cute !...Maybe Joan should look in the mirror, talk about ugly!!!...JUST SAYING.....

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