Who Is Jenelle Evans Inviting Into the Delivery Room for Her Son's Birth?

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans is quickly approaching her June due date with baby Kaiser, which means she better get the move on planning her labor and delivery, if she hasn't already. You know, because these things are so easy to plan.

But the Teen Mom 2 star should at least know who she wants in the delivery room with her. Her boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith, for sure. Her mom Barbara Evans -- eh, maybe. They seem to be getting along really well lately, but they do have quite the history. And ... all of us.

On Friday, Jenelle answered a question from a fan asking if she was going to have MTV film Kaiser's birth.

Stay tuned? As in stayed tuned for her answer, or stay tuned to Teen Mom 2, because there's going to be another birth on camera?

Remember how sad we all were when we thought Teen Mom 2 was being cancelled? Seriously, just when we got all attached to these girls and they got their crap together they were going to cancel it? But then we heard that it's coming back after all, and we did a happy dance?

And now Jenelle is hinting that they're going to film the birth? I know some people are all about the privacy, but I have to admit I'm kind of hoping Jenelle decides to do this one on camera. Just because I'm nosey like that. Regardless of what she decides to do in the delivery room, it's going to be interesting to watch Jenelle parent this time around! It didn't go so well last time, if you'll recall.

Do you think it's a good idea for MTV to film Kaiser's birth?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Amy Adams

She will say and do anything for money.

nonmember avatar wicked

Jenelle is a pathetically loathsome lost creature. What complels someone with a major drug & anger problem, without an education or resources other than the Teen Mom franchise, to constantly meet, move in, marry and procreate with any random guy she can find? Honestly, this Woman ( although mentally a rebellious teenager) should be focusing on her sobriety, education, finding employment to fight to get some form of custody of the first child she is incapable of properly taking care of instead of having another child to fill the void. What happens to this baby WHEN, ( yes, When not If) Nathan & Janelle break up? Barbara isn't going to take another child. This girl isn't a role model, She is a cautionary tale..

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