Lea Michele Denies Naya Rivera Drama on 'Glee' Set to David Letterman (VIDEO)

Lea MicheleLea Michele sat down with David Letterman for an episode of the The Late Show With David Letterman airing Friday, May 16, and finally put to bed denied those rumors that there's any bad blood between herself and Glee costar Naya Rivera.

The 26-year-old actress told the host that the stories about the animosity between the two stars are "completely made up," just days after Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy said Naya has not been fired from the hit Fox show.

"It's really unbelievable the amount of things that can just be completely made up," Lea said. "And it's really frustrating," she added when addressing the rumors of the icy feuds and even an on-set altercation between the two.

She also said, "the way people like to pit women against each other … is really annoying and it's sad."

Preach it, sister.I sure hope this is the truth of it and not all that other ugly stuff, because it really is sad to think that some people are so disagreeable they just can't get along. The world needs more adults who are able to keep themselves together and not cause drama wherever they go.

Lea's on it. She joked that if there were going to be a brawl between the female costars, she'd make it a show. "For me, if there were ever really a cat fight on the show, you'd know about it because I'd get a ring, and I'd put Jell-O in it, and I would make it fun for everyone and it would be super hot."

Now that would be worth reporting on.

Do you think Lea Michele is telling the truth or trying to cover up bad publicity?
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nonmember avatar Morgan

She makes a comment about how sad it is that the media pits women up against each other (which is true) but then says she would prefer to "fight" in a very sexualized manner that serves to drive fanboys wild. Women are constantly sexualized to play into men's fantasies and it's a bigger issue than the media pitting one woman against another. Lea Michele is quick to squash rumors that make her look unflattering and unprofessional but is willing to become hyper-sexualized when she is the center of attention. Way to give into Hollywood, Ms. Michelle.

nonmember avatar Erin

I don't buy it. I've worked on the glee set and she's a monster!!! I've watched her throw tantrums and none of the crew get along with her. She alienates herself, I thought she was such a role model and was so amazing with how she handled herself after Cory died but I lost all respect after working with her. I was so disappointed . All he crew kept saying she has a diva mentality because she grew up on broadway but that doesn't justify her bad behavior.

nonmember avatar Gleek101

Erin i think you are full of crap. Anyone could say they worked on the set but i highly doubt you did. I have seen alot of peole say they have worked on the set and everthing they have said has turned out to be not true. You seem like a Lea hater. I doubt lea is a monster or that anyone would let her behave that way. I think you have her confused with her character.

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