Jenelle Evans Makes a Move That Could Completely Change Her Future (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

And her complete life transformation continues ...

You guys? In addition to going to school to try and make something out of her life after Teen Mom has run its course, Jenelle Evans has taken up a new hobby, which could prove to be an even more promising career than reality TV. (Yes, I'm serious.)

And no, I'm not talking about sitting on the beach trying to achieve the perfect tan, though that has been a goal of Jenelle's in recent weeks. (Summer is right around the corner, you know.)

Check out this photo she shared on Instagram informing everyone of her latest passion:

Jenelle Evans camera

Yep. Jenelle is diving into the world of photography, and she even tweeted about going out in the yard to take pics of "leaves and shit" today, which shows how into it she is. Hey, it's a start, right?

(And yes, of course she's already getting slammed for buying something so expensive. Good grief!)

While some may give her a hard time or think taking up photography is some sort of huge joke, you never know -- Jenelle could prove to be pretty skilled at taking photographs, to the point where she could even start her own little business on the side someday.

Granted, she's going to have her hands full once baby Kaiser arrives in late June, but that doesn't mean she can't squeeze in a photo shoot here and there to bring in some extra cash.

And even if it does simply remain a hobby, at least Jenelle is putting her efforts into something constructive versus ... well -- all of the other bad shit she used to get herself into.

Whether you want to believe it or not, she really is getting her act together -- at least for the time being!

Do you think photography could take off for Jenelle?


Images via Instagram

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nonmember avatar k everage

At least she didn't spend it on drugs....Good lord ppl need to get a life.she is dammed if she does dammed if she dont...keep up the good work girl.can't wait to see pics of the new baby

nonmember avatar Miley bytes

I can only imagine the "shit" she will photograph.. please no. mo pregnat tummy pics!

nonmember avatar marlee

whooptie damn doo. you guys made it sound like she got accepted into Harvard.

nonmember avatar Murphy

She got that camera weeks ago and we haven't seen it since.


Stefa... Stefanie18

You must have missed all of the c omments she's been making about partying and smoking pot during her pregnancy. Yep. She's sure changed, hasn't she? 

nonmember avatar AG

LMAO you guys must have missed the bong pics she posted when her boy toy was in jail.. Oh and not to mention her Son being there also.. yep she sure has changed.. mother of the year here people

nonmember avatar Jeff Schrembs

The past. We can't change it. We can't explain some things in it. Nor can we change others remembering, and never letting go, our past. There won't always be TV or posts on for her. Yet she has 2 children and they carry her name and her baggage. They are innocent. I hope, and pray, that behind the various posts that people actually wish her well. Because if we don't what chance do we have if we are chained by our worst years and/or decisions. Lighten up. Jeff Schrembs

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