'16 & Pregnant' Star's Suspicious Smoking Pic Enrages Fans (PHOTO)

Danielle Cunningham

Wow. I guess we should give moms the benefit of the doubt whenever they're accused of engaging in shady behavior with their children around, but after seeing a photo of 16 & Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham smoking what appears to be a blunt? Yeah ... exactly no one can blame us for getting a little bit judgmental.

After sharing the pic on Instagram, it's totally understandable that many of her followers lashed out at her for doing something so irresponsible and unhealthy -- and just wait until you hear her crazy response to the criticism.

Here's the photo in question:

Danielle Cunningham

Nice, huh? Ok, back to Danielle's response. First, she let everyone know that her kids were in bed when she lit up the cigarette (or blunt or whatever) -- and then she went and added this little gem.

"OMG all of you suck my d--k. I will hit a fat ass blunt and blow it in your face. Judgmental ass c--s. Unfollow me uglies."

Uhhh, seriously? She'll "hit a fat ass blunt" -- and finds it justifiable since her kids were asleep but not in the same room with her? What if one of them woke up and walked in on her puffing away? And what if they wound up breathing in some of the smoke?

I know there are probably some people who will argue that smoking a little weed really isn't all that different from moms who enjoy a glass of wine or two after their children are in bed for the night, but I beg to differ. For starters, alcohol is legal. And since the whole second-hand smoke thing doesn't apply to a glass of vino, getting high with your kids around is totally different.

I'm sorry, but I just can't blame Danielle's followers for attacking her. Honestly, she should've expected it after posting such a controversial photo. (Maybe that was the point?)

Do you think Danielle did anything wrong?


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16 & pregnant


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

If the writer had done so much as a quick Google search they would see that one cannot get high or even contract traces of marijuana in their system from second hand smoke unless that individual was in a small enclosed space with literally clouds of smoke and then they still would not get high just show trace amounts of the drug in their system. This is also the legal consensus as any probation officer can tell you, one cannot fail a drug test by simply being in the same room with someone using cannabis.

taylo... taylor1623

^ wait are you really that dumb to defend someone smoking pot in front of their kid? It's an illegal substance. Kids don't need to be exposed to that.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

She didn't do it in front of her kid she did it while they were asleep. And sorry but I stated scientific fact and the thing about science is, its true whether you believe it or not. If you want to go with the argument that it is illegal so were mixed race marriages fifty years ago does that mean because it was illegal that children should not be exposed?

nonmember avatar Angelica

Honestly, I think everyone is being to harsh on her its weed...weed is not bad and she wasn't even smoking it around her kids...chill out.

nonmember avatar Amy

They may not get high from the second hand smoke but the smoke can still go into their little lungs. And throwing in mixed race marriages isn't necessary because what does that have to do with drugs? Some moms need to get their priorities straight just because the kids are asleep doesn't mean your job is done and you can get high.

Heather Mariee

it dont matter if they was asleep or not tht can get them takin. no weeds not bad when you DONT have kids to think about

nonmember avatar kristy

Well weed is legal in most states!!!

nonmember avatar olivia

Ur slow if u think that its OK for moms to drink n get drunk in front of there children but not smoke weed don't get me wrong its legal but how many deaths have you seen over the mother being highon weed there's more death of children being hurt or neglected when their parents are drunk not high on weedme and Amy up top or just stating facts like she said I'm a mother and I choose not to drink in front of my children as if it was bad because liquor does more damage to your body when smoking a little weed will ever do

Tiffany Marie Milner

I'd like to know exactly how Marijuana is unhealthy as this article states. I mean shouldn't you at least get your facts straight before typing it out and looking like a fool? I am NOT a smoker so don't go jumping to conclusions. However there are numerous health BENEFITS of marijuana-legal or not. But since you defend the right to drink alcohol because it's legal and all-why don't you look up the health risks associated with it while researching the BENEFITS of marijuana. Look up the known risks of marijuana then look up the health risks of every prescription drug that IS legal. Then come back and argue what causes harm and what doesn't......

nonmember avatar Jess

Who are any of y'all to judge her to begin with? Some of you get drunk when your kids go to sleep, while some of us get high. There's nothing wrong with her smoking marijuana. It's actually good for you.. do some research & stop being so judgemental. If you don't agree, that's fine. But there is no need to judge another person for what they do.

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