Juan Pablo Has Ruined One of the Best Things Nikki Ferrell Had Going

andi dorfman nikki ferrellWith the premiere of the next Bachelorette upon us, Andi Dorfman is speaking out about what fans can expect ... And it sounds like anyone who thought that drama from Juan Pablo's Bachelor "aventura" was going to spill into Andi's season should prepare to be seriously disappointed.

In fact, Andi's already squashed hopes that her best friend Nikki Ferrell would appear on the show ...

When asked by RealityTVWorld.com about whether her friendship with Nikki would be featured at any point in season 10 of The Bachelorette, she replied:

I don't think you'll be seeing her. This is something I did on my own. I broke away from last season. This is a new adventure for me, and this is something that I did on my own, and I'm still in touch with her. She's still a friend of mine, and I wish her and Juan Pablo the best of luck.

Eek! There's some majorly uncomfortable, defensive tension between the lines there. "Still a friend"? Whaaa? Weren't they supposedly BFFs?

As fans know very well, the show has a tradition of bringing back people from the previous season(s) to "advise" the current star of the show, and with Nikki and Andi's friendship allegedly tighter than Taylor and Selena's, you'd think Nikki would be the first one Andi would've called to appear on the show, right? Since she didn't, we can probably venture a guess that they're not nearly as close as they used to be. And I wouldn't be surprised if JPG is the reason for that! Sad!

Of course, the other possibility is that Nikki wants nothing to do with the franchise (because JuanPabs is still waging his own mini-war on ABC, at least in his mind), so Andi's doing her best to accommodate her friend's wishes and also turn all of our attention to the next act of this neverending circus ...

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Either way, what a bummer that Andi won't have Nikki to lean on as she hands out her roses! But I suppose we can't be all that surprised that Juan Pablo has managed to ruin one more thing for Bachelor Nation. Boo hiss!

Why would you guess Nikki won't be appearing on Andi's season?


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Debby Kinder

What an annoying article   Why would either Nikki or Juan Pablo want anything to do with her!  I hope they dont  keep playing the "Trash Juan Pablo" card all season.  It is time to let it go.  They are doing great btw. Better than most other season so get over it

iamje... iamjecat475

Oh Please what a trash article. Please get on with something more news worthy. You are so negative. Such a depressing group of people. Get on with your miserable life.

Hoby Baker

Get on with your miserable life, says someone at 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

nonmember avatar girlwithbrain

You bimbos need to get a clue; anyone with a functioning brain that isn't caught up in dumb bimbo thoughts like "uh ma gaaawwwdd, he so cute, tee hee" or "he may teat a girl like crap, but like hes soooo super rich, huhu" can see what a tool this guy really is. He has commitment issues, he is bland and blaze (this is a faux friend of the other word pronounced blah-zay- fyi for you little sweetie's limited vocabulary)and does not care whether his girlfriend is dead or alive. If that is the kind of guy you like, you not only deserve to get called a dumb air headed bitch but you also deserve whatever guy like that does to you (cheating, lying, never showing you any emotion or love and affection) why? Because you are weak, superficial, brainless space cadets that cant stop thinking with your itchy vagina long enough to really LOOK at people and then you wonder why women are never taken seriously or treated the way they should be...because of dumb bimbos like you falling for this crap

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