Cressida Bonas' Revenge on Prince Harry Is as Sweet as It Gets

Cressida BonasShe must be trying to prove that she has no intention of letting her split from Prince Harry ruin her place on the social ladder, because Cressida Bonas partied with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie last night -- even going so far as to be photographed holding hands with Bea.

Cressie accompanied Harry's royal cousins to Annabel's in London, and based on her happy demeanor, she's certainly out of her funk and is sick and tired of sitting at home sulking over her failed relationship.

And given on how glammed up she is in this blue dress, it's quite obvious that she has more than one motive in hanging out with Harry's fam.

Duh. She's pulling out all the stops to remind him of exactly what he's missing -- and she's also sticking it to him by showing him just how much the royals love her and that they refuse to cut ties with her simply because she's not dating him anymore.

Think about it for a second -- have you ever continued to socialize with a dude's family members after a breakup? The only plausible reason to do so is if you're either seeking revenge on him or trying to piss him off by not distancing yourself from his relatives, so one of those two things has to be Cressie's motivation, right?

And let's not forget the fact that Harry supposedly hooked up with a Memphis socialite after Guy Pelly's wedding, so I'm sure that little tidbit is in the forefront of Cressida's mind right now too. By being seen in public with Beatrice and Eugenie, she's basically saying, "You can screw whoever you want buddy, but she'll never be as good as me."

As far as Harry is concerned, however, it does seem interesting that his cousins had no qualms about possibly hurting his feelings by chilling out with his ex. Hmm. Could it be that he and Cressida aren't quite as over as they're letting on? Prince William and Kate Middleton took a similar break right before they wound up back together for the long haul, so maybe that's exactly what is going on here? 

Time will tell. But for some reason, I really don't think we've seen the last of Harry and Cressida just yet.

Do you think Harry and Cress will get back together?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

I still hang out with my brother's ex because we were became good friends and he was never good to her so I supported her every time they broke up and even hang with her and her new guy. When my parents god divorced my paternal grandparents sided with my mom she was the victim in the situation same when my uncle got divorced. So this leads me to believe atleast Harry's cousins think he wronged her.

Ruth Hohrmann

Cressida was a friend of the Royals Princess before she met Prince Henry.

Sharon Kae Morse

Certainly not convincing so far. Time will tell!!!

Patricia Bunn

Why don't they leave this couple alone,i doubt for one moment,either Prince Harry or cressida would discuss their relationship with anyone,its only what the media say,so leave them be.

nonmember avatar alex

cressida is gorgeous very pretty, kate is too masculine, and has hard features,

Debbie Learn

Oh my, The Stir, first you say that Cressida needed to take leave from work to lick her wounds because she was so distraught over the break up from Prince Harry. And now you say her wounds all healed and it's time for revenge. I laugh at how desperate you are for a story, any story, you can make up on the royal's. It was a mutual ending between Prince Harry and Cressida. And Cressida partying with Prince Harry's cousin's, just because people break up, it's not an uncommon occurrence . Pretty sure Prince Harry didn't even care ! The Stir, stirring crap up !

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