Jennifer Lawrence Tries to Lie to Jimmy Fallon & Fails Adorably (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence can not tell a lie -- no, for real, the actress is a terrible liar! She appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show last night, where Jimmy Fallon challenged her to a hilarious round of "Box of Lies."

The point of the game is to choose a mystery box and then either lie or tell the truth about its contents. Your opponent then guesses whether you're telling the truth or fibbing. You'd think an Academy Award-winning actress could pull on a straight face while describing a Rubik's Cube suspended in Jell-O, right? Wrong! Jen doesn't have a poker face to speak of -- and she proves even more adorable in this hilarious video you have to see!

JLaw tells Jimmy he is a "sociopath" for his ability to fib about a Full House John Stamos doll (which we all desperately need in our lives). And she has a point: he doesn't crack a smile.

She then tells the most horrific lie about having a miniature horse on top of Flintstone vitamins in her box. It takes the talk show host but a minute to call her out on it. You gotta admit that was a terrible lie!

We learn two things by watching this clip: Jimmy is a way better liar than Jennifer. And our fave actress really is as much fun as everyone suspects. Can't you just picture her dancing with a lampshade over her head at your next party?

Check out the funny video and be sure you don't miss her naughty "box" joke at the start of the clip:

 Are you surprised that Jennifer is a bad liar?


Image via YouTube

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nonmember avatar Emilie

She was not trying at all...She should have concentrated more on the last box. She could have easily beaten him...LOVE YOU JENNIFER!

ajelove ajelove


Love Jennifer and Jimmy

Daphne Hamm

She has the best personality of any celebrity! She is very aprochable!

Goofy... Goofygadget

She could just be 'acting' like a bad liar. Cute either way.

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