Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Totally Lied About Their Wedding

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding this month in Paris will surely be one of the most -- screech! spittake! What say you? There's a new report out that the wedding, the wedding that everyone from Kris Jenner to your neighbor's boyfriend's cousin's friend who lives in Antarctica knows will be in Paris, is actually, well, NOT going to be in Paris after all!


ET News reports that a source "close to the couple" says that in actuality the entire thing was just a ruse -- dreamed up by Kanye no doubt -- to throw the paparazzi and everyone else OFF about where the wedding will actually be held. Which is in Florence, Italy.

Guests will apparently fly to Paris to have dinner, but then will continue on to Florence for the actual ceremony.

Jeez, they certainly went to a lot of trouble to fool us. Kim and Kanye have been in Paris frequently in the past few months. Kim visited three design houses there. And we've heard every rumor from where the wedding will be held (the Chateau Louis XIV) to how a balcony will be built so Kimye can play Kate and Wills.

If it's true that the wedding will actually be held in Italy, not Paris, then Kimye has successfully pulled off one of the trickiest sleights of hand ever in the history of the world. Only not quite because word got out anyway.


Do you think Paris was just a trick?


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