Jenelle Evans Shouldn’t Have to Defend Her ‘Deadbeat’ Boyfriend

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans does not take much lying down. I mean, she might ignore you if you argue with her about something dumb (like which Dorito flavor is the superior Dorito flavor) but if you cross her when it comes to her man, woe betide you.

Jenelle came out swinging on Twitter just the other day! What was up this time? Apparently her affianced Nathan Griffith has been getting flak because he's unemployed. Jenelle struck back saying that Nathan may not have a job, but he did "serve our country for 4 years".

Hmm. Don't get me wrong. I think Nathan's time in service was a great thing. I applaud any man or woman who joins up, I can sit here typing all day because they are keeping us safe. But lots of men and women who formerly served now have jobs -- and good ones!

Jenelle's defensive attitude ism't exactly the one to take to win over her nay-sayers either. I mean, it's not as though Nathan's never had a job -- he's been gainfully employed in the past. It's great that Jenelle feels protective of her man, but with one kid and little Kaiser well on his way, you'd think she'd be jut as down as the next person when it comes to Nathan getting a job.

Of course who knows what's gone on behind closed doors. It could be that she is fine with Nathan's employment status. It could also be that's he's been looking for a job and really feels pressured -- that would definitely explain Jenelle's tone. Whatever the reason for it, her response was just a lame excuse.

Why do you think Jenelle is so defensive about Nathan?


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1Choctaw 1Choctaw

Ridiculous!! 4 years?! The man has a kid and another one on the way! Grow up and not only get a about keeping one! 

nonmember avatar taylor

They clearly don't have their lives together, idk why they should put another innocent child on this earth, it's ridiculous! Both their other kids aren't getting the attention they deserve from their parents so let's just put another one on earth, I would be embarrassed personally

nonmember avatar Aveteranswife

Do either of y'all know what it's like to have a spouse who has PTSD?! It isn't easy. They don't operate the way other people do anymore. Most of the time it's just a show for other people so the one with PTSD doesn't feel like a freak. Granted I don't like jenelle but I know what it's like to be with someone who has served and has PTSD from serving. A lot of people who have PTSD can't hold a job.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I'm sorry but it's nobody's business but their own.

Nobody has a right to say anything regarding her or her family except her AND her family. It's not my business and it sure as hell isn't yours to be so damn judgmental.

Whether she's famous or not, it's nobody's business.

nonmember avatar Perla

Seriously? The fact that he served our country doesn't give him an excuse to be a lazy fuck. Jenelle is already good for nothing and now she's having ANOTHER baby that she's NO WHERE near ready for and Nathan gets to lay around and do nothing because he served our country? That's a fucking insult to other veterans.

Jenelle and Nathan need a swift kick in the ass ASAP.

Tami Dubé

Nathan has PTSD. Sometimes it's hard to keep a job with that. People need to lay the fuck off of others and mind their own fucking business.

1Choctaw 1Choctaw

Aveteranswife are you kidding me? I am also a veterans wife. My husband is disabled and guess what? He doesn't act like a victim! He deployed many times..... He has his own issues and he supports and raises all of his kids. So the whole PTSD that he is trying to use is total B.S! I know so many men and woman who suffer from PTSD AND THEY GET THE HELP THEY NEED AND LIVE VERY PRODUCTIVE LIVES! And Tami people with PTSD also pull their lives together and keep jobs! My husband is proof. Nathan is a loser he thought having another kid while he wasn't raising his first one and doesn't have a job was a great idea just goes to show his lack of maturity.

nonmember avatar Amber

I'm sorry all u judgemental ppl didn't know God hired u to take his place ?!

nonmember avatar John

Actually it is our business since it will be our tax money raising this child. So if my money is helping raise a couple of deadbeats child then I feel I have a right to speak my mind. Nathan, thanks for serving! Now quit using it as an excuse to be lazy. Be a man. Support your family. Jenelle, you are an unfit mom. Why have another child instead of taking care of the one you do have? Typical Brunswick County trash. I wouldn't pee on her if her face was on fire. Her kid will learn to be lazy from Nathan and her and then he will be on welfare as well. To all ladies: your kids are your blood and your life. Don't put them on a back burner for a deadbeat loser like ALL the guys Jenelle has dated. Deadbeats come and go. Your kids are forever.

nonmember avatar military101

Aveteranswife P TSD is very rare and in my opinion is a made up and abused condition. I as well as you have a military husband, father, grandfathers etc. Joining the military for 4 years is not an excuse to live off the government or a reason to not have to work when you are done serving. It is people like this who embarrass families like mine. The scenes and horrors that anyone has seen in the military during the last 20 years is nothing compared to what was experienced in World War II. Yet amazingly the people who are claiming P TSD is exponentially larger. Oh also by the way, Janelle is a sick piece of crap! If she wants to be a mother so bad then be responsible for the kid she already has in this world. Also, considering she aborted a pregnancy months before she purposely became pregnant again shows what scum she is. Her boyfriend is an embarrassement to thosd in uniform!

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