Employee Who Leaked Solange-Jay Z Attack Video Unfairly Fired

camera phonePeople love hearing about celebs losing it or becoming unhinged. The only thing better is actually seeing them do it. Hence, that is why every single person you know couldn't wait to click on that  infamous video of Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z. Now the person responsible for bringing us that crazy, 3 minute and 31 second video has lost his job and you know what, that's just not fair.

A rep for the Standard Hotel  -- where the melee went down -- released a statement saying that they have identified the culprit responsible for selling the video and have kicked him to the curb for "recording the confidential CCTV video released by TMZ." Not only that, they are considering suing the poor guy and filing criminal charges for breaching security policies. So looks like he may need that $250,000 he was paid for legal fees. 

Seems like an overreaction to me. In fact, he did the world an incredible favor. For better or worse, this is the biggest celeb news story in a week. It has everyone's tongue wagging trying to guess the reasons why. Is Jay Z cheating? Is Solange just crazy? Why didn't Bey try to stop the beat down? Some may say this situation is a private matter and none of our business. Well, privacy went out the window when Solange lunged at the guy in public. She can be seen kicking and hitting at Jay Z even after the elevator doors opened.

The only thing this guy is guilty of is exposing an embassing moment among three stars.

In case you missed it:

Do you think the employee who leaked the video should have been fired?

Images via Keoni Cabral/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Blush

The hospitality industry takes privacy very seriously. If they had let him get away with this they would have lost the business of any famous guests in the future.

the4m... the4mutts

Don't be an idiot! He was an employee, and violated the terms of his employment. It was against the rules, and now he has to face the consequences

ninag... ninag1980

I think you would be singing a different tune if a private or embarrassing moment about your own life was exposed. You have a very odd point of view.

nonmember avatar Paige Kaye

He broke posted policy, which justified him being fired. If he also breached a signed and witnessed confidentiality agreement, which many security teams require, he is also in breach of contract and may be subject to damages/lawsuit. This guy isn't a hero. If he were concerned about a domestic violence case, he'd have gone through proper channels - like, say, the police. He was looking to make a quick buck, and he did. As far as I'm concerned, it will serve this dimwit right if he loses it all in court.

luvly... luvlynesa

Unfair? Really? How? He sold a private surveillance video to make a quick buck. The incident was NOT public, it's not like they did this in the middle of Time Square, it was in an elevator with nobody else around. I totally get how stupid it sounds when someone claims "privacy" and they're putting all there business out on social media or reality t.v but this was in fact a private matter that wasn't intended for the world to see. Although it made for the juiciest piece of celebrity gossip and we can't deny it was entertaining to watch, he totally deserves what's coming to him.

nonmember avatar Junie

You are kidding, right? If you were serious I am stunned by your stupidity.

Charl... Charlyla2

If it was in his employment contract then he deserves to be fired. And sued. And blackballed.

nonmember avatar Gina

I honestly think all of the above comments .. need to pull your underwear out of your ass! Of course everything ALL of you pointed out is already quite obvious!! The author of this blog is purposely not being a technical ass hat and I completely agree with what she conveyed -- I guess that went over your heads, ladies!

luvmy... luvmybubs

What is it that she is trying to convey other than a person who broke the rules is being punished ( unfairly in her opinion)? You break the rules you suffer consequences. Just because people ate famous does not mean that we need to be exposed to every part of their lives for our entertainment.

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