Justin Bieber Defends Robbery Accusations with Nauseating Insincerity (GIFs)

Justin BieberPetulant man-child Justin Bieber, who cannot seem to let one day pass without some sort of brush with the law, has been accused of attempted robbery. Specifically, robbery of a cellphone at a mini golf course, because Bieber's crimes are just as lame as his self-appointed nickname "Bizzle."

According to reports, Bieber tried to take a woman's cellphone when he suspected she was taking photos of him. The woman, who was at Sherman Oaks Castle Park with her 13-year-old daughter, says Bieber screamed, "You're humiliating yourself in front of your daughter.  Why don't you just get out of here" at which point her child started to cry.

The LAPD is investigating this incredibly gripping piece of national news, and in the meantime, Bieber has defended himself via Twitter. Here are his tweets … along with my general reactions.












In conclusion, I have no idea if Justin Bieber is innocent and honestly, I don't care. Even if he didn't take the phone, he's still guilty of being the worst. The literal, actual worst. AT EVERYTHING.

Image via Instagram

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AliPa... AliParker

He is an ass. He is one of those brats that will never grow up. He will be 35 and still acting like this. 

2cent... 2centsCDN

Around here he's called the turd from Stratford.

nonmember avatar Jamie

Video came out today of him calling a lady a b!@&h at the horse ranch. Guess that didn't happen either? Wonder how much his people are paying the park employee to defend him.. He needs to be held responsible for his actions or it is only going to get worse...

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