Rihanna Mocks Young Fan Who Dared Flatter Her With Imitation (PHOTOS)

rihannaThose of us who've always suspected Rihanna might be a mean girl got proof this week. Remember that iconic green jumpsuit she wore a couple years ago? One teen was so inspired by the look, she recreated it for her Hollywood-themed prom -- but the star was not so gracious in her response. When 16-year-old Alexis Carter posted photos of her Rihanna-inspired jumpsuit, Riri reposted it side-by-side with a photo of herself with the hashtag #PromBat. And a sad-face emoticon! Now why would she do something like that?


In case you're wondering, "IG" means "Instagram." As in, Rihanna's Glorious Perfect Instagram Photo vs. what happens with the sad regulars try and copy the look in real life. So that sure looks like a slam -- and to erase any doubt, the frown. Come on! Was that really necessary? How is this going to make Alexis feel?

"I was very offended," Alexis told Fox Baltimore. "Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn't."

But Rihanna wasn't done having fun at Alexis' expense. She then posted the photo of Alexis next to to the WuTang logo with the caption, "She gets it."

Oh Rihanna. This is just not what celebs do, mocking their fans in public like this. It's almost like Rihanna is threatened by Alexis' tribute, like somehow her pristine coolness was being tarnished by association. Not only does Rihanna look mean, she also looks insecure.

Or maybe Rihanna's taking out her sore feelings over her rumored semi-split with Drake. (Because he "loves her too much?" What the hell. That line smells of horsepucky.) A breakup is not a good excuse -- but it could be an explanation. Fighting with Drake may have left Riri feeling all Ms. Sourpants.

And what did that jab get Rihanna? We caught a glimpse at what could be her icky insides, the insecurity she may harbor, her cruel sense of humor, her lack of empathy, maybe some hurt feelings, too. She lost fans and respect. C'mon, Rihanna, you're better than that. I guess this is a reminder for all of us -- sometimes a joke comes at too high a price. Sometimes it's just not worth it.

Are you surprised that a celeb at Rihanna's level would be this cruel to a fan?


Image via Twitter

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antiq... antiquehearts

I wonder if Rihanna realizes how absolutely horrific and RIDICULOUS quite a few of her "daring" looks have been. So not only is her fashion sense terrible, she's also a bully??BASIC. She is SO basic.

nonmember avatar kel

what a bItch! pIckIng on a teenage fan? she doesn't.deserve fans. AlexIs you look great! you look real, unlike someone else *couch,cough*

Fondue Fondue

Rihanna is a talented piece of trash with no class. Last year there was a Twitter campaign asking her to tweet a 17-year-old fan who was dying of cystic fibrosis. Even just a simple "Hi" would've made Leah happy. She ignored all the tweets and even deleted the requests that were sent to her IG. She makes me sick.

nonmember avatar Lauren

Rihanna really comes across as just awful... She is a hoe who sleeps with all of "hip hop" and girl got a giant forehead. Give it up Rihanna you dumb bitch.

nonmember avatar Laura K

She needs to check herself. She has obvious drug problems, she just comes off as a semi-talented prostitute. I also think that girls jumpsuit looks better than Rihanna's.

nonmember avatar Lacie

Rihanna has always been a bitch. She never really cared about her fans which I'm surprised she still has fans. I used to like her but after watching her attitude and realizing she isnt a humble person i stopped listening to her music.

nonmember avatar Angela

I've never liked Rhianna. She is a narcissistic, egocentric bitch. She knows she's beautiful and flaunts it to extremes. Now she's showing her true colors. Slamming someone who is trying to show you she likes you, so cruel. I'm glad it's getting publicity so more people can see what a cruel person she is.

Rando... Randomlady

Did Alexis make her outfit? If she did then I find that pretty neat, she was so inspired she took the extra mile and made one herself, good for her. Who knows, maybe someone will take pity on her and she will be a big name instead of Rihanna. She showed such little class insulting a young girl like this.

Diva-... Diva-Mami

The girl had a horrible pose which prompted the comment. I know people who said the same thing without the rihanna pic as a reference. The pic looked crazy. I couldnt even tell what she was wearing

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