Mackenzie Douthit's Body Obsession Is Taking Over Her Life

Mackenzie Douthit

We already knew that Mackenzie Douthit is totally preoccupied with losing weight, given that she recently bragged about losing three pounds in three days, but it appears as though her obsession with achieving a perfect post-baby bod is just getting started.

Remember how she was determined to get her abs back after the birth of her baby, Jaxie? Yeah, well now that she's achieved a six-pack once again, she's shifting her focus to ensure that another body part is toned and shapely.

Check out this tweet she posted a couple days ago.

Yep. Apparently doing squats is transforming her derriere -- not that she really needed any help in firming up that area.

Um, she may not realize it, but Mackenzie is teeny-tiny. And while I'm sure her goal in getting her squats on is to lift her butt a bit versus slim it down even more -- she really doesn't need to overdo it on the exercise -- especially given how young Jaxie is. Plenty of moms take the better part of a year to get their pre-baby figures back, so Mackenzie shouldn't put so much pressure on herself to bounce right back.

But then again, if working out like crazy is making her feel like herself again, then all I can say is more power to her -- as long as she doesn't become so obsessed with her body that she gets her priorities all out of line. (There are definitely better things to put all of your energy into is all I'm sayin'.)

Do you think Mackenzie is too obsessed with her figure?


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BGarcel BGarcel

No I don't. What she is currently doing is healthy both physically and emotionally. If there is a potential health risk or potential case of child neglect then she should slow down. Otherwise, she is doing fine.

After my second child, I worked out hard. And in "an amazingly short" time got my pre baby body back but I continued and now look even better than I did pre baby. The ting about working out is that once you are on track and are seeing changes, you find that it's easier to keep going. You want to tone your arms, then work out and do so. Once you do, the sense of accomplishment of achieving your goal (a goal you thought would have been hard) makes you want to continue. I think that experience is what she is going thru since she got the abs she wanted.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

As a skinny girl I can vouch for squats and other glut exercises. When you got no junk in your trunk if you do enough exercises you can end up with nice round rump. She's not over doing it she's obviously building muscle mass.

Beth Peters

Everyone needs to stop being so critical of everyone elses bodies. I think she looks great! Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill!! If she feels good and she's healthy....more power to her!!

nonmember avatar Jordan McLaughl

I think the author, as usual, is way too concerned about Mckenzie's weight loss. She's an athlete, a gymnast she needs to be toned.

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