Prince Harry Has Already Moved On After Breakup with Cressida Bonas

prince harryWell, that didn't take long. Looks like Prince Harry has totally gotten over his long-time love, because he reportedly hooked up with a Tennessee socialite at his friend's wedding last week in Memphis.

Harry broke Cressida Bonas' heart just a couple weeks ago, but the spare heir clearly wasted no time getting back in the game. When attending his bud's wedding, Harry and Prince William partied 'til the wee hours of the morning. They apparently raged so hard that even Kate Middleton was not initially too happy with their wild weekend in the States.

But Harry's crazy night continued even after the wedding reception shut down (bow chicka wow wow!). A source tells Us Weekly that Harry took the mystery lady back to his rented home and she "stayed overnight. She's been bragging about it to friends," but Harry considers it "just a hookup."

Wow. Still a heart breaker. That hasn't changed. But let's be real,  wedding hookups are nothing new. After a night full of drinking, partying, and meeting random hot strangers, steamy one night stands are not unlikely. And it seems like the prince is no exception.

He reportedly got her attention by twerking on the dance floor. That's right. Harry is a twerker. So go ahead and please try to get that image of Harry working the dance floor out of your head. I've tried, and all I see is the prince gyrating while the DJ spins only the best Lil Wayne jams.

Even royalty know how to get down, it seems.

Are you surprised Harry rebounded so quickly after his breakup?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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MileyWHO MileyWHO


nonmember avatar Pam

So if Harry hooked up with a southern belle the did William get his "big willy" some to? William is just like his father. Can't stay faithful to his wife. Maybe that is why we have not seen Kate since the tour. To shamed to show her face.

Kay Kolb

I'm laughing.  The "crown" has come a long way since 1981 and Diana married the Prince of Wales.  They had her examined to make sure she was a virgin before she was allowed to marry Charles.  Of course, there is a double standard everywhere you look.


Patricia Bunn

leave our Royalties alone,why pass comments that are not nice,and at the end of the day,you know nothing about them,only what you read in the paper,and that is not always true.!!

Denise Jones

Never take paper's as real ,as they lie,yes diana was a virgin so young beautiful ,marrying a prince she real didn't know,thats why called fairy tale wedding,He used her for the next king,but as it goes one rue for 1 another for Charles,he was having an affair before marrige during marrige,And she is aloud to become Queen,when Charles king,Sorry NO...The queens husband is not king ..but yet again 1 rule for 1 another for charles,Sorry 1 had to abducate as he married a divorced lady...So should Charles...alot might not agree ,but i know alot will,Make this monacary fair if charles becomes king ,no hope at all for royals,only if Prince William ,Duchess Kate,then only then we can have a great monachy x

Debbie Learn

Denise Jones; Please learn how to construct a sentence and spell correctly. It will make what you have written, readable.

Debbie Learn

Prince Harry and Cressida are enjoying their lives apart from one another. They are out partying and having a great time. So what if Prince Harry partied for 2 days in Tennessee ??? He is young and that's what people do at wedding's, even if you are a royal. And Prince William and Duchess Kate have a very solid relationship with each other; pretty sure Duchess Kate was NOT mad at Prince William. He gave her no reason to be. Quite frankly, I don't think the royal's care what you say about them. They are going to continue to live their lives as they see fit. They're fine !

David Wilson

He is the "Party" Prince and he knows what he wants is out there so NO I am NOT surprised.

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