Chelsea Houska Is Shrinking Right Before Our Very Eyes! (PHOTO)

Chelsea Houska Aubree

She's been on a health and weight loss journey for quite a while now, and as time goes on, it's becoming more and more obvious that Chelsea Houska is one seriously hot ticket, especially based on a new photo she shared on Instagram.

She hasn't been shy about the fact that she knows her way around the kitchen, and apparently preparing delicious yet sensible meals is part of the strategy she's used to shed so much weight.

But just wait until you see this "eating selfie" she posted, because you aren't going to believe just how thin Chelsea is. (In a totally healthy and good way.)

Chelsea Houska

OMG. How great does she look? I know she's wearing a bulky sweatshirt in this shot and all, but you can tell how slim she is by looking at her face. And honestly, despite her choice of attire, she still looks really tiny. That meal certainly looks delish, which just proves that you don't have to sacrifice taste to maintain a clean diet.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that she knows how to cook, which definitely makes eating sensibly a heck of a lot easier.

Maybe if we all put a little more time and effort into making our own meals instead of picking up takeout or going out to eat, we'd wind up with results like Chelsea's too. (At least that's what I'm going to tell myself.)

Are you impressed with Chelsea's slim figure?


Images via Instagram

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Paike... Paikea1974

l love the hair color. it's a lot better than when she got OTT blond. that and her tangerine complexion looked soooo cheap!

Size-wize l think she' s beautiful either way. When she ditched Adam Lind for the FINAL time she lost at least 190 lbs l think? ;p



lyla214 lyla214

She look awesome

Amy Hyland

She's losing weight from all that sexersice and humpin' and pumpin' she's been doing with Adam lately

Lacey Delasalle

I don't know. It would really help if I could see a frontal view of her face. This isn't a good picture to really tell.

nonmember avatar Kat

Chelsea is gorgeous no matter what she weighs, but it's really awesome that she knows how to cook healthy meals. She's setting a fantastic example for Aubree.

nonmember avatar Brenda

She looks great. Very healthy and happy.

Itsmietje Derijer

I think she would look great even a bit bigger. She was always pretty except for the make up and the hair. You do not have to be real tiny to be beautiful.

nonmember avatar Berlin

She is gorgeous no matter what why. She looks amazing now and is a great mom to Aubree. Adam should have been so lucky to have straightened up his life and kept her! Love you Chelsea!

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