Jessica Simpson Finally Reveals Her Big Wedding Day Details

jessica simpsonHollywood just doesn't buy into those old-fashioned conventions anymore. You know, ones like "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby ..." So it's no surprise that Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson have had two gorgeous little kids before actually tying the knot. Now, however, the star is finally ready to wed and has revealed all the fantastic big day details.

The pair, who have been engaged since November 2010, will get married on July 4. The holiday certainly sets the mood for a huge, spirited celebration, which is exactly what they want. Simpson recently told USA Today that "Eric's family alone is almost 90 people, so it'll definitely be a big event."

You may remember, her 2002 wedding to ex Nick Lachey was also a grand, over-the-top affair, but that is where the similarities end. The first time around, she wore a lavish, flowing, Vera Wang gown. Now the singer-turned-reality star-turned-fashion mogul is ditching white and opting for something "unique" and "custom made," according to a friend.

Simpsons says the invitations are almost ready to go out and she seems excited to start this next phase of her life. Next to Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West, this could be the event of the summer. Of course, the look of her dress will pique the interest of fans, but we are most excited to see what role her daughter Maxwell, 2, and son Ace, 10 months, will play in the ceremony. It is sure to be an adorable family photo opp.

Do you think Jessica has finally found her perfect love match?


Images via John VanderHaagen/Flickr

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ds79 ds79

Seriously..out of all the beautiful pictures of her you could have chosen for the top of this blog..that's the one you chose??? Rude

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