Andi Dorfman's Comments About Eric Hill's Death Are Devastating

Andi DorfmanIt was completely shocking and heartbreaking when Bachelorette cast member Eric Hill passed away suddenly after a paragliding accident just a few weeks ago.

Chris Harrison spoke publicly about the tragic news, but up until recently, we haven't heard a word from Andi Dorfman. The Bachelorette herself sent Eric packing during the filming of her season and now with the premiere just days away, she's finally addressing this awful incident.

After dealing with shock, devastation, and grief, Andi reached out to the Hill family privately to express her condolences. She says she has nothing but happy memories with him.

Eric really was the epitome of someone who lived life to the fullest. This man had amazing stories and great experiences. His sense of adventure inspired not only me, but every guy in the house, every producer, every crew member. Everybody says they want to do stuff in their life but he was really doing it.

Absolutely tragic. Hopefully seeing Eric on this season of The Bachelorette will help us all remember what a wonderful man he was.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.

What do you think of Andi's comments?

Image via ABC

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Sharon Callow

I think she compossed her words very well,a very sad situation ,but he passed doing something he loved to do and that is memories to cherish for all...:)




I don't find anything "devastating" heart felt, yes, and I like that she met with his family,that was something she didn't have to do.

Lauri McEwin Guthrie

I think that's very appropriate. Why does this even have to be questioned????

Denise Edwards

Her words seemed heart felt and appropriate........

Roberta Howard

She handled it tackful and appropriate. Don't stir up trouble where there is none..

Rebekah Ann Millward

How did Andi send a camera guy packing ????  Andi is so full of herself....

Sharon Pilgrim

To Rebekah Ann Millward... Eric Hill wasn't a "camera guy" - he was a cast member (i.e. contestant) on the Bachelorette!

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