Kim Kardashian's Sexy See-Through Dress Will Actually Make You Gasp (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Ok, so I know the idea of seeing Kim Kardashian in a sheer lace dress isn't exactly shocking, being that see-through garments are kind of her thing -- but she's really outdone her own sexiness with a new little number she donned for Mother's Day.

But before I go into any more detail about the dress, you gotta hear what set the stage for her wearing it, because it just might convince you that Kanye West is totally legit as far as how much he adores and respects her.

In order to show his love, Kanye had a wall of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies put in the backyard of their home. (Er, Kris Jenner's home?)

Check it out.

flower wall

Pretty romantic, right?

But now that we've oohed and ahhed over the wall, let's get back to Kim's insanely sexy dress.

Kim Kardashian

Um, totally gorgeous, isn't it? And no, this probably isn't what she intended to wear to celebrate Mother's Day. (She's not that fancy.) As she explained on Instagram along with the photo, she felt the need to stage an "impromptu photo shoot" due to the beauty of the flower wall -- not that anyone can really blame her.

Come on, wouldn't you want to pose in front of that thing to remember your very first Mother's Day? (Sure you would.)

And just look at how amazing her body looks! She's worked so hard to get back in shape before her wedding, so it only makes sense for her to want to show off her fabulous results at every chance she gets.

But honestly, this dress is so breathtaking, it's almost a wonder she didn't save it for her wedding. I know she's getting hitched in Paris and all, but wearing something simple and slinky would still fit the vibe of the day, don't you think?

(Nah, you're probably right -- while this frock is gorgeous, it's really not fit for a queen.)

What do you think of Kim's stunning photo shoot?


Images via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Monzie

That wall of flowers is hideous and I was wondering what Kayne was thinking when he sent it. But now it all makes sense. Just another ridiculous photo op for Kim and her big butt. Just what every fame whore needs for her first Mother's Day, right? Whatever...

mytho... mythoughts

Nothing Kim or the other Kardashians do, makes me gasp anymore. Besides that, the gown as usual , is ridiculous; looks like a night gown.  

The flower monument for some reason, look morbid to me. Anyway, I wonder when the wall will come tumbling down.




nonmember avatar Allyson

I'll never understand why people dislike the Kardashians. Because they're rich, have great life's, and have money we all wish we had? I think they're all beautiful, they're driven and have great careers that they obviously love doing. If anything I admire all the Kardashians and Jenners. People spend way too much time being negative towards them. You're all being more ugly then you claim them to be.

nonmember avatar Rich

Gasp ? Ralphing would be a better description of how I feel !

Dawn Dealmeida

I think it's 4 her wedding night not a dress

Megan Waugh

Ican't see past her ass personally

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