'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jill Duggar Officially Steals Derick Dillard's Heart

Jill DuggarAfter the ultimate bonding experience--traveling through a third world country together with an ultra-conservative dad in tow--Derick Dillard sealed the deal with Jill Duggar on tonight’s episode of 19 Kids & Counting.  I am not talking down on one knee here (the show lags behind real life)... but the courtship is on!

I have a warm, fuzzy feeling about Derick and Jill. Watching their innocent romance unfold is a treat. They go out of their way for each other. Jill flew halfway across the world to meet Derick and managed to maintain her beautiful, bouncy hair despite jet-lag, climate change, and riding unbuckled through the crazy-scary streets of Nepal. And Derick meticulously planned a memorable trip full of authentic adventures for her that delivered the true Nepali vibe.

While Derick isn’t as conscious about grooming as his lovely (holy facial hair), he never missed an opportunity to steal a moment with Jill, tell her she looks nice, or praise her intellectual curiosity. He admires her dedication to midwifery and spent some solo time with Jim Bob so Jill could volunteer at a birthing center. I’d accept a wayward beard for that level of adoration.

And I’ve got to give it to Jim Bob: For a buttoned-up kind of guy he showed a pretty adventurous side of himself in Nepal. He conquered his fear and got a traditional Nepali shave with a straight-razor. (Thankfully, Derick got rid of his scruff too). He rode in a “moving coffin” (three-wheeled taxi) to the Monkey temple while sitting across from his daughter semi-canoodling. He joked that Derick and Jill might "have a lot of monkeys" if their relationship progressed. Compared to Michelle Duggar he's not nearly as annoying as a courtship chaperone. He was pretty cool considering the circumstances.

Derick was not that cool asking Jill to court. He was clearly nervous, and waited for the last possible second to pop the question. But it was adorable. “If it’s alright with you I am interested in starting an official courtship,” said Derick, sitting beside Jill on a flight of stairs. Yup ... a flight of stairs and I am pretty sure the car was running. “Yeah, that would be awesome,” she replied. “Totally.” Derick marked the occasion by giving Jill a heart necklace with her birthstone. Awwwww...

Adding to the cute factor was Jill reaching out for Derick’s hand through the car window as she drove away to start her trip back to Arkansas. They touched briefly ...  and now have to wait for months to see each other again.

What did you think of Derick’s courtship proposal? Do you think he has good chemistry with Jill?

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nonmember avatar Kiri

I too think Jill and Derrick are a super cute couple. I really enjoy watching their relationship grow. Let's hope they have what it takes to have a successful lasting union together. The real test will be when they have to tackle a challenge together (renovate a home, etc.).

addie... addiesmommy1109

I love derrick and Jill together. Very sweet couple!

Vegas... Vegas0036

I know a lot of people have a lot of negative comments about the Duggar's, but I LOVE them! I think they are so sweet, lovely and almost disgustingly wholesome! There is nothing wrong with how they have been raised...I mean, they are on a reality tv show, and I don't see a single one of them ending up on STAR magazine.

I am happy for Jill and Derrick and loved that hand grab when the car drove off. And yes, completely jealous of that girl's hair!

Happy to read something about them that is positive and sweet...While I cannot imagine having that many kids or being that sweet and wholesome or any of that...I love the show and the family.

nonmember avatar Glenda S

I love them. You can tell that they have developed a loving relationship over the past few months. Can't wait to see their wedding. Would be great if they showed it live next month!!!

Beverly Caroline Lyles

This is the sweetest couple. Jill is just such a sweet girl and it looks liek she has met her match in Derick. Did you see the way he closed his eyes and rested his head on top of hers, everytime they side-hugged? That hand grasp at the end, made me a little teary... There is nothing like young love, especially when you have two really sweet hearts involved. They are both very special people.

nonmember avatar Jodi Carroll

I can't wait to see this unfold. The Duggars are my favorite family and I loved seeing Jill and Derrick together as a couple. I wish them much happiness.

Dolores Budney

I think Jill and Derick are a wonderful couple. They are wonderful people. Love, love the show. Could watch it twenty four seven. And I do.
This will last forever.

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