The Real Story Behind Ramona Singer's Violent Attack on Kristen Taekman (VIDEO)

Sometimes you just get so fed up with people that you want to beg your friend to bring their plane to fly you far, far away. Preferably to the Hamptons to attend a fabulous party.

This week, we've got the Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore telling us exactly WHY everyone hates her, a sinking ship Housewife in Orange County -- can you guess who? AND, I give you my insider's take on the Ramona-coaster drama in New York.

In Atlanta, this week we saw the Season 6 Secret's Revealed (formerly Lost Footage) episode, and in today's exclusive video below I tell you why I think someone threw Apollo Nida a bone, for once. What do Porsha Williams and Sonja Morgan have in common, and why Kenya Moore is both unsympathetic and correct.

In Orange County (Season 9 episode 5,) I couldn't take a sip of my cocktail without seeing behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Did you catch them all? In today's episode I tell you all about it, including WHY a certain cast member (ahem, Heather Dubrow,) is having difficulty and what she can or cannot do about it. Why is it obvious that Vicki Gunvalson won't get along with Lizzie Rovsek and who helped or hurt that relationship?

Over in New York, it's Episode 10 of Season 6 and the Housewives are still in the Berkshires, still without Aviva Drescher, and the glassware is flying. Actually, that was last week, but everyone including Kristen Taekman needs to retell it a few times in their own way. Ramona Singer made a dramatic escape, and I give you MY take on what's inside Singer's head this week and why every move but ONE was likely calculated. Can you guess the one?

There's new New Jersey news that affects the upcoming season, and while we wait for the Giudices, the Gorgas and the return of Dina Manzo, we have a new series to chew on...the Ladies of London. Have you seen the sneak peek? I give you my prediction in the video below: watch now!

Do you agree? Did the show editors unfairly make Kenya out to be the bad guy?


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Sam Loveless

your right on target on this whole video

PamD. PamD.

Lets much this week to talk about, so little time!!!!  Kenya is a pro at manipulation and RHOA has probably lost a fan because of her. I do not like her either.  Just like I will never ever watch RHONJ anymore. 

As far as Ramona goes and her antics.  For sure it was all planned out, except for getting Kristen with the glass, that was just an added bonus as far as she, Ramona was concerned.  I generally like Ramona, but this outburst was far out there even for her.  However, lets think about when this was filmed.  Last summer was obnoxiously hot up here in New England, she is most likely going through menopause (been there, done that already), and isn't that about the time that her marriage was falling apart?  With all of her stress with her marriage, she deflected the stress to the fans and used the abuse memories instead.  Ramona, I feel for you and your abusive past, once again, been there, sadly have had that in my life also. 

Lastly with Ramona and her bashing the Berkshires, it is one of the most beautiful areas in New England and I was very offended each and every time she made derogatory comments towards that area.  Western Mass is absolutely beautiful and trust me the real estate is as expensive as the Hamptons, just with lakes not the ocean. 

Alex, you hit all the points and this was a good review. 


Cynth... Cynthia.B

I totally forgot about Aviva ! I got so bored with the London housewives! I turned it off after 10 minutes what a disappointment! 

Allison Hudson

OMG lets get rid of Ramona she is driving me nuts and Nope didn't even notice Aviva was missing funny!

Karen Mitchell

No I did not miss Aviva either. Kristen had every right to complain about getting hit with a wine glass. Ramona should be gone I am sick of her over the top screaming in peoples faces. Sonja is disgusting flirting with every young boy she sees. It is not a good look for a woman her age.

Luna Webster

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your postings! I look forward to them every Wed. Your insights are spot on. Please keep up the great work!

William Walker

alex, miss you on tv- hated you the first season then bam you guys grew on me- love ur new web series and the dishing on reality tv-:)

nonmember avatar Suki

Alex, you are right. None of the "London Ladies" are socialites. Caprice was a glamour model in the UK in the 90s. After her career started to slide she started a lingerie line, though I couldn't say who sells it. She's done some reality tv in the form of "Celebrity Come Dine With Me", and "Celebrity Big Brother". She'll be happy to be on tv again. Julie is actually very nice and a lot of fun. I can't see her being mean to anyone though. I think she and her husband own or manage a film studio or something. I don't recognise the others.

nonmember avatar Sonam

Alex, I love watching your video reviews, but I haven't been able to see this week's. Can you provide a link for mobile devices (iPad)?
Thanks in advance! :)

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