'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Gets Caught in a Seriously Awkward Lie

ramona singerAnother episode of The Real Housewives of New York, another hour of crazy Ramona Singer. This week picked up right where last week left off: At Heather's home in the Bershires, moments after Ramona chucked a wine glass at Kristen's face. Despite the fact that she clearly was in the wrong, Ramona continued to behave as if Kristen was the one who assaulted her. She eventually offered Kristen a half-assed apology ("It wasn't my intention to hurt you."), but ultimately, she took no responsibility for what she did.

And then she got caught in the mother of all lies.

Before all the girls went for a hike the morning following glassgate, Ramona called up one of her friends, who happened to have a private plane, and asked him to pick her up to "rescue" her. As soon as she found out she was leaving, she began packing up her things, yet denied anything was going on when Carole asked her if she was leaving. Then, when everyone went on a hike through the woods, Ramona began sobbing to Carole, telling her that being there in the Berkshires was reminding her too much of her painful childhood and she needed to leave. She then was like, "P.S., I have a plane picking me up, like, now, so I need you to drive me to the airport." Later on at dinner, the girls all pieced together that it was a well- (but not too well) thought out plan on Ramona's behalf. And their suspicions of her general phoniness and motive for leaving were more or less confirmed when LuAnn was texted a photo of Ramona, happy as a clam, at a party in the Hamptons.

After that, the ladies -- even Sonja, who was pissed at Ramona for bailing without saying goodbye -- decided that they would get even with Ramona via confronting her and calling her out on her BS. From the looks of things from next week's preview, it's going to go horribly. And by "horribly" I mean "amazing" (for us viewers!).

What did you think of Ramona's get-away plan?


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nonmember avatar Heather

Don't usually do this but to be honest she makes it hard to watch the show without just changing the channel witch i do now wish she would stop i like the other ladies and story line but she just ruins it EVERY time!! Just my opinion.

nonmember avatar cammy

Ramona is completely fake. She makes her own rules and doesn't care about anyone else. She was so out of line with throwing champagne at the spa and then a glass!!! No body does that. I don't care to watch this show with her on it anymore. Sonja is a bitch around her. Open your eyes Sonja, if someone threw a glass at your face you would press charges. Be honest, my god!!

nonmember avatar maria

She is trashy I wonder why this woman is in the show ,is least the others have a little class ,and Sonja believe everything from her ,even gets mad at the others telling them who wrong they are with Ramona ....why this girl didn't press charges after being attacked by Ramona? in this Country it is called a crime to hit someone she can be seriously hurt, that says a lot about this woman she is the low of the lowest!

nonmember avatar Markie

Ramona is mean and crazy. I hope housewives of New York releases her.shes like watching a train wreck. No wonder Mario cheated on the crazy b----!

nonmember avatar wicked

Ramona ( & Sonja) live within the realms of their own little delusional fantasy worlds, no boundaries, no rules of decorum and no filters. They lie to themselves, refuse to face reality and act out in the same primitive fashion as privileged spoiled children when they are confronted with truth, universal social norms or are forced to examine basic ethical rules of behavior. They both should be discarded in the recycle bin and banished! Sonja throwing herself at a 20 year old kid, acne freshly healed yet to sprout facial hair, I believe I threw up in mouth.. When eccentric wannabe socialites begin throwing glasses into the faces of friends? Time for Bravo to recast or start fining cast members. RHONY used to be frivolous fantastic fun, now it is just disturbing and difficult to watch.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Ramona was on "Watch What Happens Live" last night after the episode aired. She was her usual out of control self. She was repetitive and loud and frankly was way over the top and beyond any viewing pleasure. By the way, Ramona said the glass was made of plastic...Andy didn't deny it...so how did a plastic glass cause such damage on Kristen's face. I like Kristen and also Lou Ann. They make the show worth watching.

Mara Tirado

I truly doubt that a plastic glass would shatter like that upon impact, cutting someone. at best, it would bounce off and then float away. NONE of which happened. That glass shattered upon impact and cut the girl. Ramona needs to face the truth, stop hiding behind "IT WAS A PLASTIC GLASS" because she's afraid to face the consequences of what she did. Assault another person. Time to say BYE BYE to TURTLE TIME!

nonmember avatar sue

Ramona is out of control. Yeah, I am sure a lot of it is for the camera, but who in the world would act like that and think it would be acceptable? Only a crazy person. I feel bad for her daughter at college...can you imagine the comments being made to her????

nonmember avatar Beth

Ramona truly gives me a reason to scroll down the tv lineup. I don't like hearing her talk so loud and act so obnoxious. She should have "jumped" in the water and throwing a glass at Kristen. She acts so inappropriate!!

catsp... catspotcat

She can do whatever she wants. The show is scripted. I love Ramona.

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