Kim Kardashian's Shirtless Pics Are So Insanely Hot You'll Be Drooling (PHOTOS)

Kim KardashianGiven Kim Kardashian's proclivity for Photoshopping her selfies, I'm not totally sure whether to give her unrestrained praise for this latest pic or not. If she truly didn't mess with the photos, then Kim has got to be in the greatest shape of her life. Check it out:

Kim posted the photos today and captioned them:

just finished my morning workout

Wow. She looks amazeballs! How'd THAT happen?

No doubt she has been dieting and exercising like crazy for her upcoming wedding. But it's awfully difficult to get abs unless you are genetically inclined towards them -- especially after having a kid.

Kim is known for posting selfies that look suspiciously small. And when you look at paparazzi shots of Kim, she does NOT look this sleek and skinny, especially in close-up shots. It tends to be in her selfies that her body morphs into a size 2.

Kim has been accused of Photoshopping in the past, and some of her pics seem to totally prove it happened. Like the belfie of her and her friend, which clearly showed warped lines on the floor, and a door frame that was curved -- clear signs that a tool had been used to cinch Kim's waist and pull out her boobs.

At any rate, even if Kim didn't touch up these photos, people will think she did. That's what happens when you mess with the public's trust, Kim. All that work so people can just dismiss it!

However, let's just say for a moment that the photos have not been retouched and this is 100 percent au natural. Well, then, it's pretty amazing. Kim must not be eating and be in the gym three hours a day!

Do you think her abs look good? Are they real?


Image via Instagram



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holly... hollywood222222

Of course the photo has been altered, consider who we're talking about. In addition, her belly button is blurry; even if it isn't photoshop, it's been edited.

nonmember avatar CC

poor girl has to think of something to get media attention.

nonmember avatar Alley Oop

She's not like the rest of us. She has time and money for a personal trainer to work with her. We don't have that luxury. We have to go to work, school, run errands, fix dinner, clean the house, raise the kids, etc. Maybe she had the fat taken out of her gut and shoved in her butt.

nonmember avatar Michelle Breede

U r all just jealous! Get a life people she looks FABULOUS! You go girl!

Katri... Katrina316

I thought you said shirtless

nonmember avatar Becca

I don;t see what the big problem is here. You people who are commenting bad Comments need to grow up and stop acting 10, She is a beautiful person and a great mother. Leave her alone its her life not yours. She has her problems and we of us have all of our own problems. grow up!!

Lori Testy

I think she is a very beautiful girl! The whole family is very attractive.

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