Solange Knowles' Elevator Attack of Jay Z May Have Been Long Time Coming

Solange Knowles BeyonceSooooooo anything happen on the Internet yesterday? Oh, right, right. Solange Knowles tried to beat the crap out of Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Gala! While Beyonce stood there and watched! And they were all three dressed to the nines! The only thing that would have made it any more surreal is if Anna Wintour got stuck in the elevator with them. Anyway, no one knows (YET) what caused Solange, Bey's little sis, to go ape on Jay. But there are some theories!

1. Solange was NOT enjoying the Met Gala. Rumor has it that before she got into an elevator with Jay, Solange was in a cranky mood that night, yelling at a group of people, including her pal designer (and Damon Dash ex) Rachel Roy. Bey apparently had to break it up.

2. Solange has anger issues. Sources tell US Weekly that this isn't the first time Solange has locked in mortal combat with someone, and that she has a history of letting the fists fly. "Solange has flipped her lid like that before ... She can take a small thing and it triggers her," the source says. Indeed, both Jay Z and Bey looked quite nonplussed at her antics.

3. Solange was defending her sister. By far the most popular theory going round the 'net is that Solange was defending Beyonce from something Hova did -- such as beating Bey or cheating on her. Don't think I buy this. The elevator at the Met Gala afterparty would be a strange time to get into something like that. But a source does tell that Solange doesn't like the way Jay "controls" Bey and couldn't take it anymore and "flipped out." Another report says that Bey and Jay often argue, and that once Jay Z caught Bey texting another man and "called her every name in the book." The fact that Bey leaves in a car with her sister and not her husband have many speculating that she was Team Solange.

4. Jay Z farted. One of the funnier theories -- which could make it the most true! -- is that Jay Z farted when he got into the elevator and this caused Solange to go berserk. Hey, wouldn't you? The theory comes compliments of a reader on TMZ who says her husband, who is in security, knows people in security at the Standard Hotel, where the incident happened. And this is what they came up with by studying everyone's body language in the elevator. I hope their security jobs do not entail detective work too, because this is a pretty far(t)-fetched theory. Even if comedian John Caparulo does agree this is what happened (sorry, Jay had eggs!)

5. Solange has bipolar disorder/mental health problems. One theory is that Solange is struggling with mental illness. Solange did cancel a tour last year for her "mental/physical health," but she makes it sound in her statement like she's referring to being too busy. It's a far cry from canceling tour dates to having bipolar disorder, and there's no evidence she ever had this or does have this. Unless you count going Kung Fu fighter on Jay as "evidence." She also has spoken about being diagnosed with ADHD, but that doesn't make you attack your family members.

6. Jealousy. Many are theorizing that Solange, whose career has been lackluster compared to sister Beyonce's, just couldn't take it anymore and unleashed on Jay. She once told the Daily Mail: "People think there should be this great rivalry between us, but there's never been any competition." Nonetheless, sources say that Solange has become enraged that Jay Z hasn't come through on his promises to help her career. Also, there could be something brewing between Bey and Solange -- after the fight, Bey posted a prayer on Instagram, which said, in part, "Give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who isn't a good influence," and Solange deleted every pic of her sister from Instagram except one.

Let's face it, every family has their moments. The famous are no different. It comes as a shock to us average shmucks when we realize you can dress 'em up, put 'em in mansions, and give them yachts and Lamborghinis and fancy parties with other celebs, but they're still us. Whatever happened, like most families, this will probably blow over.

I guess we will all have to wait for TMZ to get the audio.

Any theories?



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Sarah Reed

Yes, every family has problems, but to go berserk and kick and smack your brother-in-law isn't quite "normal" as far as family feuds go. Also, I highly doubt she beat him down over something that happened right before they got into the elevator, it most likely had to do with something that was brewing between them for a while. As a side note, Solange does seem like the less classier sister of the two--she seems to be very "street."

nonmember avatar Emmie

That chick is pretty scrappy! Based on body language of everyone, it seems like it's nothing new. When a grown person throws a tantrum, you just sit back, say nothing, defend yourself when necessary, and let them rant. They all pretty much did that. It also looks like at the end, he tried to just lead her like a gentleman out of the elevator and she went nutso again. Regardless of the issue, whether her problem with him is legit or not, this is not the way to handle it. Bodyguard was pretty smart to keep hitting the buttons to buy some time. In my opinion, the footage is embarrassing for her and looks good for everyone else because of the way they reacted (or didn't).

Jodi Lauttamus

i dunno...families have strange dynamics...i'm not defending solange, but something really bad must've set her off to go all that crazy and actually attack him, rather than just shouting at him...and the fact that bey just stood there, and then left w/ solange in her car rather than her  own husband's is telling...who knows what goes on behind closed doors? sure seems bizarre...

nonmember avatar guestwho

Going berserk on anyone is inexcusable. Beyonce probably rode in the same car as her sister to try to calm her down. Can anyone excuse Chris Brown's actions for beating up Rihanna? Solange is the female version of that....

LeeshaE LeeshaE

If she has ADHD the meds for that can make you violent. One of the meds my son took caused him to try and strangle his grandfather with one hand and rip his face off with the other when he was only six. Not trying to defend her but correct the writer in saying ADHD couldn't have been the cause, because if she switched meds it easily could have.

latashac latashac

I will wait to hear more before I form an opinion. Right now she just looks messy and how Beyonce stood there makes me think it had something to do with her.

jinxmom jinxmom

I agree Leeshal I've read somewhere that she said she had adhd.  If you know ppl with the dx you know that they do have anger issues which are triggered by frustration saying the wrong thing, how she perceived it, etc.  I really don't think they owe anyone an explanation, its family and we all have issues.  Handle it in house.  I know it was made public but still handle it in house.  J looked like he was taken aback and B probably has seen the behavior be4 b/c they grew up together.  Don't know if she was taking meds but she definitely has to work on her anger. [sigh]

bugaem bugaem

beyonce just stood there, which means either solange was defending her, or maybe this behavior is so not new for solange that beyonce was just waiting for her to calm down, knowing that if she would interfere it will take longer to calm down. either way, families fight, sometimes it even gets ugly like this, i'm sure it will blow over:)

imvan... imvanilla

Don't blame it on Bipolar, people with the dx don't typically run around getting people up because we have issues processing our emotions.

Whatever caused it was not ok, you never lay hands unless in defense of yourself or your families safety.

nonmember avatar Evan

My sister used to explode at completely unexpected occasions. She had depression, but she also had intermittant explosive disorder. We could never predict when, where or why. She could be having a lovely time, leave the room & come back in 5 minutes & be a totally different person. It was so crazy-making.

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