Kylie Jenner's Racy Selfie With Jaden Smith Raises Eyebrows (PHOTO)

Kylie JennerRemember a couple of weeks ago when the Internet went crazy because 13-year-old Willow Smith was hanging out with shirtless, 20-year-old Mosies Arias in bed? I guess sibling rivalry is a thing, because now her brother Jaden Smith is posing shirtless in bed -- with the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

Kylie Jenner posted the pic of her and rumored boyfriend Jaden Smith to her Tumblr, Kalifornia-Klasss, in April, but the similarities between Willow and Mosies' photo is hard to miss. I mean, there's one of the (underage) Smith kids, in bed with someone of the opposite sex, and the guy has his shirt off.

In the photo, Kylie is sitting behind Jaden, straddling him (because that's not sexual), and he looks ... happy. Oh, and he's also only wearing boxers and a backwards baseball cap.

Jaden Smith, Kylie Jenner

The post seems to be in reply to Arias' now password protected Tumblr, and is captioned, "*Ksss* Ahhh… 2014."

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are both friends with Willow and Jaden, so it makes sense if they were all hanging out one day and decided to take artsy photos of each other in various stages of undress. I didn't say it was a good idea, I'm just saying I can see how it happened.

At least there's no seven-year age gap this time. Nope, the only thing inappropriate about this photo of Kim Kardashian's little sis and Will and Jada Smith's son is the fact that they're both underage (she's 16, he's 15), and while we don't have to be prudes who pretend that teens never get frisky with one another, didn't we used to have to sneak around about it? These kids are bragging about it!

I feel like shaking my fist and yelling at them to get off my lawn, because I just can't accept this as appropriate behavior. I don't care if they're all famousy or not -- they're still kids. But hey, maybe I'm just not as cool fame hungry as Kris Jenner.

Do you think Kylie Jenner's bed photo with shirtless Jaden Smith is appropriate?


Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram




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nonmember avatar sandy

Actually, I was more interested that Kylie is hanging with Jaden: I was wondering where he was during the whole Kylie/Bieber "dating?" period. As for the photo, it strikes me as an act typical of teenagers these days (wherefore art thou, ye much-lamented days of yore?!): express feelings on social media in the form of a slightly suggestive, just-shocking-enough photo. Adults get into a tizzy, kids snicker, and the subjects feel as if they have conquered the world. Basic, predictable behavior, it seems.

nonmember avatar raven

There is obviously another person in the photo. (See knee to the left) people are dumb.

nonmember avatar Martha

Did anybody not see there is someones leg in the pic

nonmember avatar Atoz

First off, Don H. is right: Who really cares? They're not your kids; try paying attention to your own life for a change.
Second, people are reading way more into this picture than appears to be there. If people insist on making judgments, then let's objectively assess what we do and don't see: Some kid has his shirt off--so what?--maybe it's warm, maybe they'd been swimming; the girl seems to have all her clothes on. They're not even alone; someone else's knee is in the frame; there may be a fourth person taking the picture; the room may even be full of people who aren't in the photo.
Here's my idea about the situation shown in this picture: A few kids are hanging out. A boy says his back hurts. A girl says she's good at giving back rubs. She actually is, or he pretends she is; that's what we see on his face. Maybe it's a bit flirtatious (hardly out of the ordinary for teenagers), but it's certainly not overtly sexual or in any way sinister. It doesn't really seem inappropriate. There could easily be adults around, just outside the frame; I don't see anything a parent would want to rush over and stop.

nonmember avatar Kaylee

Frankly I think it is wrong. The guy is in his underwear. Nuff said.

nonmember avatar Pam909

If instacrap had existed in my day, my parents would not have let me near that boy again, and would have at least grounded me (but probably worse!) for posing in a picture with a boy wearing only his underwear! And I suppose I now have to join you in telling these other kids to git off my lawn! :(

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