Jenelle Evans' Ex May Be Listed as Her Baby Daddy on Kaiser's Birth Certificate

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans' divorce from Courtland Rogers has been a long time coming. That toxic relationship went down in flames after five short months of marriage when they were both arrested for heroin possession in April 2013. The Teen Mom 2 star finally filed for divorce last week, due to a North Carolina law which requires a full year of separation before either party can file.

It's a good thing too, because Jenelle is very pregnant with boyfriend Nathan Griffith's baby Kaiser, who is due to make an appearance in June. But thanks to another behind-the-times state law, it's possible that Courtland, and not Nathan, will be listed as the baby daddy on the birth certificate!

Because Courtland is Courtland (read -- kinda douchey), he threatened on Twitter to muck up the divorce by refusing to sign the papers.

Ugh. Means what, exactly, Court?

If they are still legally married by the time Kaiser decides to vacate Jenelle's midsection, it's possible that Courtland will be named the father on his birth certificate until they can get a DNA test. Does this guy just love messing with Jenelle's head or what? I have some advice about getting a life, but we all know how likely he would be to take it.

Thankfully, Jenelle's attorney Dustin Sullivan is on top of it. He says that if Courtland doesn't respond within 30 days, "the court will most likely grant our request for Ms. Evans to be divorced from Mr. Rogers."

Hopefully this won't be an issues and Jenelle can finally close the Courtland Rogers chapter of her life for good. That is one relationship that definitely needs to be donzo.

Do you think Courtland will try to delay the divorce?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Kat

Lol @ "Mr. Rodgers". "Hello there neighbor!"

They couldn't possibly list Courtland as the father. That is insane.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

They can because if you are married and have a baby the law assumes your husband is the father.

nonmember avatar MichMom

In the state of Mi its that way. If you are married NO MATTER who the father is the husband is listed as the father (even if hes in jail when the wife concieves,carries AND delivers the child). You can even be legally seperated n the husband is still the LEGALLY the father. Sad but its true.

Erin Lynn Dyke

I'm pretty sure its the same in any state... I know for a FACT that its that way in Florida and Ohio, I've known people in both states that have had that issue... I had a friend who had been separated from her husband for a good 10+ years when she had her next kid and her husband had to have a DNA test to prove he wasn't the father... She made sure she was divorced before anymore babies came along...

Chyree Garcia

It is not like this in every state! My husband and I were not married when we had our daughter and he couldn't sign the birth certificate because we weren't married at the time. So the father is just left blank on my daughter's and my son's birth certificates and they also had to be given my maiden name as well. We live in New Mexico but the male has to sign to be order to placed on the birth certificate so in the case of Jenelle and Courtland were in New Mexico Courtland would have to be there to sign the birth certificate.

nonmember avatar stacie

as Long Nathan is there to sign the paper then he can be put on the birth Certificate if not Courtland will go on it

megan... meganellis

Here's a idea...stop having babies of you aren't married!!!

Munch... Munchkinmomof5

@Chyree-the reason your child's birth certificate was left blank was because you were NOT married. In this case, Jenelle IS still legally married so Courtland's name HAS to go on the birth certificate unless the divorce is final before birth.

@Stacie-it does not matter if Nathan is present to sigh it or not. They are not married and that is the only way a father can sigh without a DNA test in the state she lives in. (South Carolina) If her and Courtlan are in fact divorced and she isn't married to Nathan before the birth, the baby legally will be given her middle name. Then Nathan will have to submit to a DNA test before he is even allowed to be put on the certificate.

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

Munckin, you are so wrong.

You do not have to be married to give a baby a last name! I couldve given my oldest daughter my mothers maiden name if i wanted to!

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