Dean McDermott May Have Done Something Worse Than Cheat on Tori

Dean McDermottIs Dean McDermott something much worse than a chronic cheater, liar, and douchebag extraordinaire? Sadly, it may be so. I'd have to put animal abuser in a category of higher douchebaggery than cheater -- animals can't leave you; wives can -- and reportedly Dean has this on his resume as well. RadarOnline dug up Dean's first wife's divorce petition and found that Dean was accused of something absolutely bone-chilling -- beating the crap out of his dog.

Dean was married to Mary Jo Eustace for 12 years, and they had a son together, when he met Tori Spelling on the set of a TV movie and began an affair -- something that Tori may regret, given the emotional lows she is hitting on her reality show about their marriage, True Tori.

Until now, we just thought Dean was a cheater, liar, and drug addict -- but appears he may also be a rageaholic who once took out his anger on his poor dog. Mary Jo reportedly states in the divorce petition about their first date:

I noted [his] awful temper. We had a lunch date, and afterwards went to his house in Toronto to feed his dog. The dog had gotten into the garbage. Dean McDermott repeatedly and violently beat the dog with his fists and with a rolled up magazine. Dean McDermott was furious and it was very intimidating incident for me to witness.

OMG, that was her first date and then she kept dating him?! Went on to marry him and have a child with him?!

I'm not sure who is dumber, Mary Jo or Tori. I simply cannot fathom continuing to date a man who abused his pet in front of me. Or behind my back. Or in any way whatsoever.

Hitting your animal is bad enough, but what did Mary Jo imagine might be in store for her? Or her child? Did she think this would make him an awesome Dad and husband?

And you have to wonder about a woman who stays with a man who does this -- it's not even like they had a relationship at this point. It would have been so easy to leave -- after, hopefully, reporting him to the Humane Society and calling 911.

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Oddly, I had been sort of rooting for Dean. He knows he messed up bad and I don't know too many men who would be willing to be publicly humiliated so badly for the sake of saving his marriage.

Ack. Could this be true? Tori and Dean have dogs! And Dean seems like a rotten husband, but so nice with his kids. Could he have done this so many years ago but never again? (Not that that's an excuse.)

This just puts things into a whole new perspective. What kind of man beats a dog?

Would you stay with a man who did this?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

No way but I'd probably steal his dog

nonmember avatar wicked

I could never associate, breathe the same air as anyone who could harm an animal. I certainly would not want this person to live with me ( and my dogs) much less be the Father of not children.

Maybe Dean is ab aspiring serial killer. OK, it isn't as far fetched as him being considered an Actor, is it??

Dean is obviously disturbed, angry and I do not believe he is even close to getting the mental help that he needs.

I hope Tori divorces him after humiliating him into insanity..

nonmember avatar Jaime

Dean has the classic symptoms of being sexually abused as a child. Just a guess of course, but he has attempted suicide, engaged in promiscuous, dangerous behavior and seems to have a sexual addiction. I'm guessing Deano had a molester in his past. I wish him and Tori luck though....

Courtney Kistler

When is some show or form of media going to reveal all the things that f'd him up to make him such a horrid and pathetic human? He must have major skeletons of trauma in his ol' closet. Do you know, Kiri, if he was abused or bullied as a kid? abandoned? or, like the above commentor suggested, sexually abused? I think he is subhuman but I'm also terribly curious what contributed to his depravity.

Ember... Emberbaby

He beat his dog?!! This guy is a bigger douche than I thought! What an asshole!!!

nonmember avatar Rose

He is a coward and a disgusting loser drug addict. He cheats on his wife and is a lying POS animal abuser! She must be so pitifully lonely and desperate to stay with garbage like him. I hope she wakes up and thinks of the children for once and not her obession with this loser.

nonmember avatar Shannon

Tori is a piece of shit anyway and I think the ex made shit up cause she is bitter seriously who really cases about these stupid people and their made up bullshit lives anyway!

there... theresaphilly

First of all I would not of been with a married man with children, forget about his temper. They both deserve each other and  feel sorry for their children. For the life of me I don't understand why you women keep calling him a douche bag for cheating on his wife: Are you not aware that he and Tori both were married to other people and Dean had two other children with his exwife, when Tori was fucking him or you only care about Tori. People need to entire story and stop blaming one and not the other. TORI IS A LOSER ALSO!!!!

nonmember avatar Theresa

None of what the comments say, abused as a kid, etc are an excuse for his behavior. He is an adult and therefore in control of his behavior and choices. You want to know what kind of a person he is? Look up narcissist. And don't fault Tori for not knowing, seems like most of the commenters and author are naive to narcissists and the damage they cause. It doesn't surprise me one bit he abused a dog and emotionally abuses his wive. I'm sure he did the same to his ex.

nonmember avatar CaptainObvious

He did this on his first date with his first wife? Are we really judging him on smacking around a dog 20 years ago? Amanda Bynes tried to light her dog on fire less than a year ago but were not jumping to psychotic serial killer there. Pick something more horrific to badger the cheating sob about.

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