'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Summer's Baby Has Major Health Scare After Birth

16 and pregnant summerSummer, the star of tonight's 16 and Pregnant, showed us all that being a good parent is not dependant on age. The Georgia teen, who is one year away from finishing high school, met her boyfriend DJ online. They've been together for three years and are now expecting baby Peyton.

Before she gave birth, Summer moved in with DJ and his parents and the soon-to-be teen parents are preparing for the birth of their son. But Summer's own family life is not that stable. Her mother has been battling addiction and substance abuse ever since Summer was in the fourth grade, and none of her half-sisters are under her mom's care.

When Summer goes to meet up with her mom, Katrina, she finds out that she's been clean for nearly three weeks. This time, she says she's going to stick to her promises and get better now that Summer is expecting.

But Summer, and even her sisters, don't expect too much from her mom. When all four sisters go out together, they reveal that their mom would disappear for months (and even a year) at a time and left the girls with their respective dads.

Nonetheless, Summer still wanted to give her mom another chance. She decided to take her out to dinner, but on the way there, realized Katrina was under the influence. She was slurring her words and was generally inattentive and after several moments, finally admitted that she took two pills beforehand.

She did apologize the next day, but it seems like the damage was done. It's definitely understanding why she and DJ don't want her around the child, especially alone.

And though the soon-to-be parents agreed on that, they had some other contentious issues. They're struggling financially and even had to buy a $30 crib from a woman with an online listing. It was, creepily, filled with bugs. But what else can you expect from an eye patch wearing online saleswoman?

Then, during Summer's baby shower, all DJ could think about was how much he really wanted a puppy. He went out and spent $85 on a pit bull pup just weeks before their baby was due to arrive.

Soon enough, Summer's water broke, though, and they rushed to the hospital. Katrina showed up, but definitely didn't help things when she (along with Summer's aunt and DJ's mom) only talked about how painful birthing was. Great timing, guys. The girl's literally hooked up to monitors and hours away from pushing out Peyton. That's the best moment to talk about how excruciating it was.

But when Summer finally gives birth, everyone's happy and celebrating. Until, that is, they find out that the baby's heart is beating too quickly and his breathing is too fast. He was rushed to a bigger hospital in Savannah and after a week in intensive care and a battle with a bacterial infection, they were finally able to bring him home. Luckily, the little one was fine after the week-long stay, but the immediate emergency surgery was understandably scary for the new parents.

The drama wasn't over, though. Not long after the baby came home, Summer got yet another phone call about her mom: Katrina was arrested for writing bad checks and faces up to two years in prison. Plus, with all the demands of taking care of a newborn, Summer has also decided to pursue her GED instead of getting her high school diploma. Definitely not an easy transition for the teen.

Fortunately, it seems like she has tons of support from DJ, his parents, and her sisters. Hopefully, though, the other pieces can all come together.

What did you think about Summer's relationship with her mother?


Image via MTV

16 & pregnant


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caleb... calebsmama12312

There is something seriously wrong with all those women scaring her like that while she's in labor.

nonmember avatar jay

Oh man I feel for her...I know what it's like to make plans with your mom only to realize halfway there that she's trashed on something. Ugh. So glad their baby is home now and hope things go well for them.

nonmember avatar comonsensisdead

This is why teens shouldnt have babies, complain about having to buy a 30.00 crib but run out and buy an 85.00 dog that can kill your baby in a nano second, WINNERS !

nonmember avatar teenmomof3

@comonsensisdead.. not all teen parents are like that and it was the guy.. not the mom. I'm a proud teen mom and have never done nothing stupid like that. I had my first at 17 and my babies always come first. I know "adult" parents that are worse than any couple I've ever seen on 16 & pregnant. When will y'all get it through your heads that it's not about age. It's about maturity.

craft... craftycatVT

This is why pit bulls end up in shelters. The woman who sold him the pup should know better. A boy who doesn't have his own house and is moments away from becoming a dad is not an ideal owner.

And those women shouldn't have even been in the room during labor if they couldn't be supportive and encouraging. Poor girl.

craft... craftycatVT

Forgot to add that I was surprised that a baby can have a bacterial infection within hours of being born. How does this happen?

nonmember avatar Rachael

The baby was 5 weeks early so that is most likely the reason for the bacterial infection.

nonmember avatar blh

@ teenmomof3 When will all the teenagers popping out mulltple kids understand that maturity comes with age? The vast majority of teenagers are not ready to be parents. Doesn't mean they're awful people, it means they're not ready for it. And then there's the fact that you can't get a good job being a high school drop out. Or honestly even with just a high school diploma these days.

ncchicky ncchicky

I have never seen so many subtitles on 16 and pregnant.  

irish... irishstarz

The whole episode was ridiculous, but at least the baby is cute.

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