Kate Middleton's 'Pep Talk' to Cressida Bonas Likely Softened the Break-Up Blow

kate middletonIf anyone knows what it's like to be in a relationship with a royal, it's Kate Middleton. The Duchess is intimately familiar with all the highs -- and lows -- that come with being involved with, arguably, one of the most famous men in Britain. So, when Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry were about to break up, it only made sense that Kate gave Cressy a "pep talk."

According to reports, the Duchess, altruistic aristocrat that she is, gave the former flame of Prince Harry a pep talk of sorts right before the couple ended their two-year relationship. "Kate feels for Cressie," a source told the British magazine, Now. "There's an awful lot of pressure when the whole nation is asking if asking if you're about to get engaged. She told Cressie how she benefited from taking time out when she was on a break from William. Kate said it might be best for them too."

Sage advice if I've ever heard any. One shouldn't rush into an engagement with a member of the royal family, they should slowly and carefully weigh the pros and cons. Sure, it must be great to have access to the Crown Jewels on a moments notice, but do you really want every single move you make to be documented by paparazzi?

Until Katie Nicholl writes a tell-all about it, we'll likely never know what really happened with Cressida and Prince Harry. But from the sound of things, it doesn't sound like they're completely through yet. And if that's the case, Kate's right. As always. A little time apart from one another will do wonders.

Think about it this way, Cressie: William was the one begging Kate for a second chance after they took a break. And look at them now.

Do you think Prince Harry and Cressie will get back together?


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waity... waitykate

LOL !!!!!!

No sorry most people are aware that Middleton has a lot to fear in having Cressida as a sister in law. Because Cressida's sister, Isabella was William's real object of desire. The one he really wanted.  Of course there was no pep talk, how ludicrous. If anything Middleton likely was as unpleasant as possible. It's been said there was no love lost between the two women. 

".......altruistic aristocrat that she is" ????? WHO ? Middleton ? LOL. Oh what a piece of sycophant fictional babble.  First off Middleton is not from the aristocracy.  Secondly she is hardly "altruistic". That would refer more to a hard worker like Charles or Diana. They actually have records of doing a lot of public service.  Middleton hasn't done anything in the UK all year except an art opening.  An "altruisitic" person would be devoted to charity.  Middleton is called "Cannot" in the UK.

Kay Kolb

I doubt that we will have the "true" stor from Ms Nichols either.  

Dorothy Anderson

No Ido not I think she was truly too young and needs to maturebefore settlng down I think she would be kind of like her mother at this age and not make a go of any marriage

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