New '50 Shades' Scoop Will Silence Doubts About Dakota & Jamie

jamie dornan dakota johnson filming fifty shadesAlthough the release of Fifty Shades of Grey is still months off, and it seems like everyone involved has signed an NDA (kinda like in the movie, eh?), one of the film's stars did manage to spill a bit of juice about it this past weekend!

Victor Rasuk, who plays Anastasia Steele's best friend Jose Rodriguez whose adoration of her is unrequited, told E! News exclusively at his Godzilla premiere in Hollywood that he's been "sworn to secrecy," however ...

He dished:

I will say this: Dakota was amazing. Jamie was amazing. It was one of those things where we came into it wanting to do it justice. And I think all the fans, the millions of fans, will also love what we did. I think we did it justice. ... Dakota was fantastic. She's super nice, down to earth and she's going to be a fantastic Anastasia. As a guy, person to person, [Jamie] was amazing to talk to and amazing to work with.

Okay, okay, we get it! They're nice, they're sweet, and as "amazing" as can be! What's it to us -- the fans?! Seems like the good news here is just how much Victor -- and other stars who are talking -- is reiterating what director Sam Taylor-Johnson and producer Dana Brunetti have been saying all along! That everyone approached this project fully committed to doing the story justice.

They all sound acutely aware of how high the stakes are if the flick fails to please devotees. As long as that devotion to E.L. James' followers was at the core of everything the cast and crew did, well, I'm not sure how it could have gone awry. In fact, my bet's on fans finding they're very pleasantly surprised.

What part of the story are you hoping they absolutely get right?


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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peach... peachpies

Did you expect him to say anything negative? Absolutely not, why would he? With all the backlash on these actors it's become the job of anyone involved to talk and talk these actors and film up to try and convince people they did something right or that it's good and get people to the box office. I definitely will not be there. I love FSoG, I love the characters as they are in the books and the story, and these actors are so off the wall and not like them that they'll taint it for me. Plus I've never been a fan of Dakota as an actress, so dull and lackluster and her voice is annoying. No thanks.

nonmember avatar Penelope

Honestly, people can't give away the fancy details and if they they it would reveal the true nature of the film and possible excite people, everyone says the movie will do it justice, obviously they mean it and does reassurance. Why can't people just forget about the negativity and cast choices and rely on the future performance, there isn't a trailer nor the film is released so until then people should make up there own mind up then and so will I

nonmember avatar mm

If they are making a lot of publicity around this film is because the movie is not a big deal.

Lisa Ellis

If they miss anything out it's not going to do the film justis all stick as close to the book as possible that's all I candy say

Maria Menegalli

im saving my comments until after ive seen the movie.. clearly people are unhappy with the choice of actors but JEEEESHHH give them a shot you might be pleasantly surprised

Kimberly Harding

If they leave anything out at all it will mess up the whole movie....if the movie is just like the book I will be happy. I cant wait to see it and I am not going to judge it until after I have seen it.

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