'Constantine' Trailer: Sexy, Cynical Brit Battling Supernatural Forces? Yes Please! (VIDEO)

ConstantineIf you are a Hellblazer comics fan, here's some news that may disturb you: NBC is adapting the original story into a TV series airing this fall. It's titled Constantine, just like that massive steaming pile of 2005 cinematic feces starring Keanu Reeves.

Before you hurl a coffee mug through your television screen out of a great swell of why-must-they-destroy-everything-good rage, though, you have to see the trailer. Seriously. You guys, it actually looks really good. And most importantly: John Constantine looks and sounds like John Constantine. He's blonde and kinda-hot and British, not … whatever the hell Keanu was. This just may be the show that erases the movie version from our collective bitter memories.

The film adaptation of Constantine was a pretty big flop, with well-deserved criticism like:

Virtually anyone but Reeves would have made a better John Constantine. -- AV Club

It's just so awful that the crew must have been snickering. -- Richard Roeper

The biggest problems with Constantine all seem to stem from Keanu Reeves. The problem is that Reeves really can't act. Sorry, Keanu, but the truth hurts. -- 7M Pictures

The movie isn't hellish, because there's always hope of leaving it. It's more like purgatory, two whole hours of it. -- San Francisco Chronicle

You get the idea. Well, the NBC series is shaping up to be much more promising, with a pilot written by Blade and Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer and directed by Game of Thrones' Neil Marshall. Plus, they cast Matt Ryan of Criminal Minds as the lead demon-hunter, John Constantine himself. Ryan looks and sounds pitch-perfect: the Brit accent (Ryan's actually Welsh), the five o'clock shadow, the messy collar and tie, the cranky humor … basically all of the things we recognize from the DC/Vertigo Comics take on the character, which Keanu completely ruined.

Here's the official show description:

‘Constantine’ follows enigmatic and irreverent Liverpool con-man-turned-occult-detective John Constantine, who is reluctantly thrust into the role of defending our world against dark forces from beyond.

And the trailer:

Not bad, right? We've got the spookiness, the odd funny moments, and even Lost's Harold Perrineau as an angel. The only thing that's missing is Constantine's signature chain-smoking, but they probably had to play that down for TV -- along with his habit of occasionally shagging sucubuses.

Constantine premieres this fall -- what do you think, does it look worthy?

Image via NBC

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nonmember avatar dana

My husband was on the construction crew of this show. ( He also worked on Halt and Catch Fire which will premier on AMC on June 1. Maybe u can recap it?)Thanks for the link, he was excited to see the trailer!

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