Jay Z Attacked by Solange Knowles While Beyonce Looks On (VIDEO)

solange jay zWe've all had a family fight or two (or seven) and if you are someone who has never then congratulations! You win the non-emotional family award! One family that seems very in touch with their emotional side is sisters Beyonce and Solange Knowles. Sure, they seem cool and calm most of the time, but you can tell there is fire behind those eyes and Jay-Z did something the other night to bring that out.

In this shocking video, Solange is seen attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z after the Met Gala in NYC. The footage is from security video released to TMZ.











In case you aren't convinced this is Solange, Jay Z, and Beyonce, the outfits match up and it's clear that there is some kind of tension happening in the family from a photo just after the altercation.

I feel awful for them. I also feel bad watching it. It's such a private moment, and Solange is very, very upset to the point where she tries attacking Jay Z and their bodyguard is doing the best he can to hold her back. I applaud Jay Z for staying cool; and also Beyonce who seems to try to talk her sister down from being so upset. Some have suggested that maybe this is because Jay Z cheated on Bey but I cannot believe that to be so. Though I do think this is more than just maybe Solange being upset she isn't invited to the Kimye wedding. (I'm not sure if she is or isn't. Maybe Jay said she can't fly on their private jet to the nuptials?) I'm trying to make light here -- this is clearly serious, and something terrible must have happened for Solange to be this angry.

Maybe some words were spoken that upset Solange. Maybe Jay was trying to give her advice and she didn't want to hear it. There are so many things that could have happened ... and these things happen even over the smallest things. They add up, tempers flare. I hope they work it out.

What do you think about Solange attacking Jay Z? What do you suspect happened?


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