Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Are Reportedly Pregnant With Baby #2!

Talk about an amazing Mother's Day surprise...for us! One of our fave Teen Mom couples ever -- Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra -- are reportedly pregnant with baby #2! We know the lovebirds, who are super young at 22 but have been together an impressive 10 years, have been trying to conceive for the past few months. We've been crossing our fingers for them. And, if the rumors are to be believed, they've finally gotten their wish and are going to be parents again.

Okay, we can't get too worked up and excited yet because neither Catelynn nor Tyler have confirmed this news yet. But Catelynn's mom, April Stotts, couldn't help posting the following on her Facebook page: "Gonna be a grandma again." Even Catelynn's brother had a hand in revealing the secret by tweeting "Catelynn is pregnant" and tagging her in the post. Talk about transparent!

They wouldn't post these messages unless it were true, right?! Jeez, you can only hope Catelynn and Tyler are cool with them letting the cat out of the bag and that Catelynn isn't, like, a month pregnant or what have you.

So hoping this rumor is the real deal because no one deserves to be happy and raise a baby more than these two. They've always proven they had the maturity to practice good judgment, especially when they made the heartbreaking and difficult decision to give their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption. At the time, they knew they were too young, emotionally immature, and financially unstable to care for Carly the way her adoptive parents, Brandon and Theresa, could.

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But now they feel ready. And they're such a great couple who are obviously devoted to one another. They're going to be strong, loving parents -- more so because they really, really want to be parents.

Let's hope Catelynn speaks out soon so we can confirm this happy news!

Do you believe Catelynn and Tyler are pregnant? What kind of parents do you think they'll be?


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ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

This isnt number two.....this is number one.

They arent parents.....

Nor are they a favorite

nonmember avatar Erin

Kinda ignorant to correct it as #1 & not #2. Even though she gave her first child up for adoption she DID go through the whole pregnancy & giving the baby up for adoption doesn't mean they were completely stripped of the "parents" title. They still see the child & buy things for her like they would if they would've raised her!

nonmember avatar Tybee Couch

That's rude. They made a smart decision ti give carly to a family who can properly take care of her. They are parents and this baby is #2

Tammy McPherson Andrew

I am happy for them first off. I do think they gave Carly up for adoption because they didn't want her, not because they couldn't take care of her. I could be wrong, but they knew they would be getting money from the show, they do get paid. Other ways to help, like could have got WIC. But, yes they did the right thing to give her to someone who did want one. Good luck to them.

nonmember avatar Me

First off.. this does not make baby #1 for her and the person who stated that i really hope you dont have children because your clearly uneducated about pregnancy. Just because you give the child up for adoption does not mean that you did not give birth to that child. When she goes to her doctor she will tell the doctor this is her 2nd child because for medical reasons that needs to be brought up. Don't be ignorant. Just because you give a child up for adoption DOES NOT make you a bad person or any less of a woman. I promise that was the hardiest decision she will ever have to make in her life. They made a families dream come true and they deserve credit for that. Happy they have one on the way and they are ready this time.

nonmember avatar katie

Yes, I think they are pg, and I think that they will make excellent parents. for the simple reason is that they are more stable, and financially stable. I think this is GREAT news. Congratulations you guys

nonmember avatar niomi

This is her second pregnancy she did a wise decision because she new she couldnt care for her baby.

nonmember avatar heather

Actually caitlin and Tyler are my favorites and i feel like they did the right thing i was a teen mom and i had no help at all with taking care of my baby i got my ged when i was 23 and i struggled everyday maybe they didnt want that for their child and i say to caitlin and Tyler good for you and congrats on the new little one you two will make fantastic parents!

nonmember avatar lmar

They both not only made a selfless decision to bless their daughters life and the lives of Brandon and Teresa but they chose to continue bettering themselves and building their bond as partners. If that doesn't scream PARENT, I don't know what does...perhaps they should be taking pointers from Janelle and Co.?( i think not). A chance to parent their second child will be fruit for all their labor. Absolutely two of my all time favorite teen parents, many blessings to them weather this rumor be true or not (but i hope it is!!).

Lauri Kuhlmeier Kashkin

Is that the same thing you would say about a woman that had a miscarriage or stillborn baby, ABCMomma2011? You are ignorant. 


Tammy McPherson Andrew...they chose to give up Carly because they both knew they weren't ready to raise a child, not because they wanted to make money. If that were the case, why wouldn't they have kept Carly & used all that money they get from the show to raise her? They were young & both came from badly broken/screwed up homes. 

It must be quite a view from up there on your high horses.  

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