Kendall Jenner Stuns in New Bikini Pic (PHOTO)

What is it about Kendall Jenner? With her natural good looks, free spirited ways, and gazelle-like legs, she just comes across as classy no matter what she does. Take this photo she posted to Instagram. Here's Kendall -- with a duck face on, no less -- in a leopard print bikini.

She's with her BFF, Hailey Baldwin, daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin (brother of Alec). The two are wearing matching bikinis, despite Kendall writing:

matching? noooo

Um, yes, they match.

Kendall Jenner

These are both adorable girls. Do they need to be on Instagram at their age in bikinis? No, they don't. But they have that kind of blood. Kendall grew up in the shadow of the Kardashians. She was not going to go quietly into the night.

So here she is in her leopard print bikini, putting on her duck face ... and yet, somehow, she pulls it off. She just seems like a fresh-faced kid having some fun. Somehow when Kim does it, it seems attention-grabbing. Kylie, like a little girl too eager to grow up.

Not sure what it is about Kendall, but she gets away with it.

As for 18-year-old Hailey Baldwin, she seems like she's trying a bit too hard. But still, very cute girls. I wish they would go to college, but oh well.

What do you think of Kendall's bikini shot? Too much, too soon?


Image via Instagram



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aweck85 aweck85

I think that it is an adoreable pic!

nonmember avatar Filipa

2 cute! She 18 and not showing 2 much.. is just a photo showing a biquini and actually the focus of the photo is Kendall :)

BGarcel BGarcel

My goodness... the author shouldnt get her granny panties in a twist over such a NON provocative picture.

nonmember avatar Mary

So if Kendall posts a bikini pic she's cute but if Kylie does it you say she's going downhill fast and needs an intervention from her dad because she is so "troubled".. They r both teenagers having fun. Get over it

nonmember avatar Angela Riley

She would wear it to the beach, so why not. .

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